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Geeky sports stuff

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Bubbler, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Bubbler

    Bubbler Well-Known Member

    I'm in geek mode right now. I was just thinking what baseball would look like if every team was still in the city it was in when the AL formed in 1901. Baseball would look like this ...

    AL East
    Boston Red Sox (or Pilgrims, if you will)
    Baltimore Orioles (but this would be the current Yankees, who moved from Baltimore in 1903)
    Toronto Blue Jays
    Tampa Bay Rays
    Milwaukee Brewers (the current Orioles and former St. Louis Browns started in Milwaukee in the AL's first year in 1901)

    AL Central
    Cleveland Indians (or Blues or Naps or whatever)
    Detroit Tigers
    Chicago White Sox
    Washington Senators I
    Kansas City Royals

    AL West
    Washington Senators II
    Philadelphia A's
    Seattle Mariners
    Los Angeles Angels

    NL East
    New York Mets
    Philadelphia Phillies
    Florida Marlins
    Boston Braves
    Montreal Expos

    NL Central
    Pittsburgh Pirates
    Chicago Cubs
    Cincinnati Reds
    St. Louis Cardinals
    Houston Astros
    Seattle Pilots

    NL West
    Brooklyn Dodgers
    New York Giants
    Arizona Diamondbacks
    Colorado Rockies
    San Diego Padres

    No team originated in the Bay Area, Dallas, Minneapolis or Atlanta. No AL team in New York, but three NL teams.

    If no team had ever moved ...

    I imagine the Mets would have been created as an AL team in the original expansion. The second Senators would never have had a reason to be created, but the AL would still have created the Angels, and L.A. would have fallen in love with them with no Dodgers to love.

    The NL would've expanded into Minnesota and the Bay Area in 1962.

    The 1969 expansion would've gone to Houston (AL), Dallas (AL), put a NL team in Anaheim, and put a team in Atlanta (NL).

    The 1977 expansion would've gone to the Toronto (AL) and probably Seattle (AL). The 1993 expansion would've gone to Miami (NL) and Denver (NL). The 1998 expansion would've gone to Tampa (AL) and Arizona (NL).

    In this scenario, Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego and Montreal never get teams. Conditions were never right for it. Of course, Philly and Boston retain two teams and New York still has three.

    In that scenario, divisions are as follows:

    AL East: Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Orioles, NY Mets?, Philadelphia A's, Washington Senators
    AL Central: Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, Tampa Bay Rays, Milwaukee Brewers, Toronto Blue Jays
    AL West: LA Angels, Seattle Pilots or Mariners?, Houston Astros?, Dallas/Texas Rangers?, Chicago White Sox
    NL East: Boston Braves, Brooklyn Dodgers, NY Giants, Philadelphia Phillies, Miami Marlins
    NL Central: Pittsburgh Pirates, Atlanta? (Crackers?), Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs
    NL West: Bay Area? (Seals?), Colorado Rockies, Minnesota Twins?, Arizona Diamondbacks, Anaheim? (Stars?)

    Yeah. I'm a geek.

    Feel free to add any geeky posts of your own.
  2. ColdCat

    ColdCat Well-Known Member

    Times in MLB history different teams from the same state won the WS in back-to-back years. . .

    1906-1907, White Sox, Cubs
    1909-1910, Pirates, A's
    1914-1915, Braves, Red Sox
    1919-1920, Reds, Indians
    1922-1923, Giants, Yankees
    1932-1933, Yankees, Giants
    1953-1956, Yankees, Giants, Dodgers, Yankees
    1979-1980, Pirates, Phillies
    1988-1989, Dodgers, A's

    In the NFL. . .
    1923-1924, Canton, Cleveland
    1946-1947, Bears, Cardinals

    In the AFL. . . .
    1961-1962, Oilers, Texans

    Super Bowl era. . . .
    XV-XVI, Raiders, 49ers
    XVIII-XIX, Raiders, 49ers

    In the Stanley Cup (other than the challenge era when Montreal teams kept passing it around) different teams from the same province have won it three years in a row. . . .
    1921-1923, Ottawa, Toronto, Ottawa
    1988-1990, Oilers, Flames, Oilers

    A state has never gone back-to-back in the NBA (Florida could next June if a miracle occurs in Orlando). The closest it's come to happening was in the early days of the league when either the Knicks or Nationals lost in the Finals six years in a row, the Knicks losing to Rochester in '51.
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