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Further proof that Star Trek fans are geeks, losers and well, pathetic

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by JR, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

  2. beanpole

    beanpole Member

    The Trekkies would probably call us geeks and losers, too, if they ever saw that we have 6 pages and counting on pro rasslin. ;)
  3. BYH

    BYH Active Member

    "Do you want a spoiler? Here's a spoiler. You will die alone."

    (Yes, it was Star Wars but that line NEVER gets old!! :D)
  4. sportschick

    sportschick Active Member

    My brother's a Trekkie (he has a girlfriend, so I don't know if he's too bad), but if he ever does something like this I'm disowning him.
  5. outofplace

    outofplace Well-Known Member

    There's a difference between a Trekkie (Trekker, whatever) and a Star Trek fan.

    A fan has watched the shows and maybe even some of the movies (not all of them are what I'd call watchable).

    A Trekkie does shit like these goobers and desperately needs help.
  6. Terd Ferguson

    Terd Ferguson Member

    Oh for the love of pete. That is the most pathetic thing ever. What made that story, though were the pictures. Fat nerds in the back of a pickup was great. Wish I knew how to post it on here.
  7. Michael_ Gee

    Michael_ Gee Well-Known Member

    Lighten up people. It's our amazing proliferation of ordinary schlubs willing to go bats that makes America great! Besides on the "million monkeys-million typewriters" principle, if these wackos keep this up, eventually one of their homemade Trek adventures will be a good one.
    At least better than "Star Trek V."
  8. Somebody, somewhere, is going to make a fat pile of money out of this -- even if it's only the Roddenberry estate -- and we're all going to feel really stupid that we didn't think of it.
    I'm going to start now.

    That said, it's clear that fitness standards in the Klingon Empire have gone all to hell.
  9. ballscribe

    ballscribe Active Member

    You know what? I bet they had an absolutely great time doing it. Good clean fun, outside, not driving drunk, not shootin' nobody, not sitting on their butts in front of the TV all day eating Cheetos (although that must have happened at some point, judging by the avoiddupois).

    Great, harmless hobby not that much different from people who play war games or simulate Civil War battles or do that medieval stuff.

    Beats sanding and re-finishing the backyard deck, which was pretty much the extent of our weekend. ::)
  10. heyabbott

    heyabbott Well-Known Member

  11. Terd Ferguson

    Terd Ferguson Member

    Yep, not much different at all. Well, except for the minor fact the CIVIL WAR ACTUALLY FREAKIN HAPPENDED! Aside from the historical significance, those Civil War "battles" are every bit as dorky as the Star Trek renactments. You are correct in the similarity there. ;D
  12. heyabbott

    heyabbott Well-Known Member

    The over under on persons getting laid at Civil War re-enactments is 1 1/2.
    The over under on persons getting laid at Star Trek re-enactments is 2.

    Take the under
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