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From what outlets are you getting your VT shootings info?

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Almost_Famous, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Almost_Famous

    Almost_Famous Active Member

    Roanoke paper?
    Washington Post?

    When I first heard, i immediately went to CNN. Then went to WP.com. That was the first place I saw 33 dead. I tried the Roanoke paper, but it was down. Ditto for the VT student paper.
    Someone sent me a link to a video from Drudge (video was on MSNBC) around noon and I've been stuck on Drudge all day.

    Looks like the Chicago Sun Times is out ahead of the game right now, which is simply staggering, to me.
    They have the man at 24 years old and getting a student Visa to reach the Us in August. To me, it seems like his name is out there, and it's just a matter of time before somebody publishes it.

    I imagine Drudge will post his name first ...
  2. Dyno

    Dyno Well-Known Member

    Semi-off-topic, but Michael Sneed (a woman), who wrote that Sun-Times story, covered the Jonestown massacre. Perhaps she has the kind of State Dept. contacts from those days to have uncovered this kind of info about today's tragedy.
  3. jackandcoke

    jackandcoke Member

    the richmond times-dispatch is doing a nice job (though its web site has been slow), including pdfs up of a four-page extra edition.
  4. ColbertNation

    ColbertNation Member

    I'm getting it from lots of different places (mostly AP because our cable is out right now), but kudos on the gramatically correct thread title.
  5. Moderator1

    Moderator1 Moderator Staff Member


    The pdfs are on the front page of the Web site.
  6. Almost_Famous

    Almost_Famous Active Member

    Colbert - Was that a joke?

    Did anyone beat the WP to 33 dead? The NYT was way behind on that one. ABC news was stuck on 29 for the longest time.
  7. ColbertNation

    ColbertNation Member

    Not a joke, but when you're on desk with a computer that can't run most Web sites and the weather has knocked out the cable, your options are somewhat limited.
  8. John

    John Well-Known Member

    The running blog that the Times had going was very helpful during the day, but the guy doing it stopped posting a couple of hours ago.

    I've gotten as much information here as just about anywhere else.
  9. cougargirl

    cougargirl Active Member

    The Washington Post has in-depth coverage - I've been reading that this evening.
  10. fl2010

    fl2010 New Member

    I was impressed with the VT student paper's site. I had CNN on TV, and while they were talking to students, the first student eyewitness account from inside of Norris Hall that I read was on the VT student paper website, reported by students. Might've been some place else first, but being a college student journalist myself, I was impressed by their coverage.
  11. somewriter

    somewriter Member

    Wow - papers still do Extra editions? I had no idea.
  12. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    They do if the news is big enough. Ours did one on 9/11.
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