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Freelancers wanted for niche magazine

Discussion in 'Freelance/stringer help wanted' started by CoachAndAD, May 1, 2013.

  1. CoachAndAD

    CoachAndAD New Member

    Coach And Athletic Director magazine is looking for freelancers to write full-length features for print and digital platforms. Qualified contributors must have previous sports writing experience (preference will be given to those with experience writing for a niche publication).

    Coach And Athletic Director is published eight times annually—print and digital. As our name suggests, we’re an educational magazine for coaches and athletic directors. Our focus is mostly on high school athletics, but there is some application and references to college-level sports. Our content includes program management, professional development, team building, budgeting, facilities and all other topics pertinent to interscholastic athletic programs.

    Contributors will be expected to interview multiple sources, identify key issues and write on deadline. You also may be asked to shoot video or photos, so experience with the appropriate equipment is preferred. Freelancers will be paid 25 cents/word, and that may be increased at a later date for those who continue to produce quality work for the publication.

    Because Coach And Athletic Director is a niche publication, we’re looking for individuals who can write for our specific audience. The features must discuss issues and topics relevant to today’s coaches and athletic directors, and they must provide actionable ideas for improving job performance or confronting the challenges athletic programs face today.

    Anyone interested should submit a resume and at least three writing samples to our managing editor, Kevin Hoffman, at khoffman@lesspub.com. Qualified candidates will be contacted by phone and receive more information and potential assignments.
  2. CoachAndAD

    CoachAndAD New Member

    Thank you to everyone who submitted materials! I believe we now have enough qualified freelancers to fill our needs.

    If you already submitted materials and have not heard back from us, that doesn't mean we won't soon contact you. We're currently in the process of brainstorming feature ideas for the rest of the year and 2014, and once we have assignments to give, we will contact you.

    Thanks again!

    - Coach And Athletic Director
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