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Freelance sports coverage opportunities in the Washington, DC region

Discussion in 'Freelance/stringer help wanted' started by charlesboehm, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. charlesboehm

    charlesboehm New Member

    Potomac Soccer Wire and its parent company, HummerSport, will have a range of freelance sports coverage opportunities throughout the fall, primarily involving youth soccer games and related events.

    Your job would be to cover two to four games per occasion, predominantly on Saturdays but with some opportunities on Sundays, and at locations in Northern Virginia, with possibly a few D.C. or Maryland spots as well. Each match gets its own report with a quote from one or both of the coaches, and compensation would range from $50-100 per day, with potential for bonuses in some cases.

    The coverage slate starts this weekend, so you can jump right in if you're so inclined, though there will be matches to cover almost every weekend for the next few months. We can work with you to schedule predetermined coverage dates in advance. There will also be a need for tournament coverage on select holiday weekends.

    If you are available and interested, or have questions, please respond to this post as soon as possible. Thanks,


    Charles Boehm
    Editor/Senior Writer, PSW
    (202) 422-9177
  2. jakelam2116

    jakelam2116 New Member

    Hi Charlie,

    I live in Washington, DC, and work part-time as a freelance sportswriter. I am interested in writing for the Potomac Soccer Wire and HummerSport this fall. I have a wealth of sportswriting experience, including covering high school sports for a Michigan daily newspaper; covering Duke basketball in the Triangle; and currently covering Washington professional sports events for the Associated Press.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Jake Lloyd
    (919) 451-3718
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