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For y'all in Podunk...

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by fmrsped, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. fmrsped

    fmrsped Active Member

    You have a theme song!!!

    "Podunk" by Keith Anderson

    Same Saturday night, same ol' crowd
    Draggin' Main to the Safeway then turn back around
    'Til curfew and then head down to the river's edge and get drunk
    Ain't nothing new what else you gonna do out in Podunk

    Well I knew this six-string was my ticket out
    No flashin' red light was gonna slow me down
    18 years old everything that I owned in the back of that truck
    I put a dip in my mouth and I headed straight out outta Podunk

    [1st Chorus:]
    Goodgye, daddy looked me in the eye said go where you gotta go
    But don't forget to call home
    And momma cried keep Jesus in your life and I hugged her one last time
    And then I headed down the roadin a dusty cloud of smoke
    Out of Podunk

    A lot of years gone by showin' on my face
    Nothing in this life that time hasn't changed
    I chased a lot of dreams and some of them came true
    Ain't it funny how the very place I ran from is the place I'm runnin' to

    Another Saturday night singin' to the same ol' crowd
    Still playin this six-string but things are different nowI met one
    of those girls turn your whole world around girls
    And wouldn't you know it
    We got our eyes on a house 'bout a hundred miles south
    Out in Podunk

    [2nd Chorus:]
    Goodbye, her daddy looked me in the eye
    And said go where you gotta go son but don't forget to call home
    And her momma cried sadi keep Jesus in your life and we hugged her one last time
    Then we headed down the road to start a family of our own
    Out in Podunk

    [Repeat 2nd Chorus 2x]
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