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Feature idea

Discussion in 'Writers' Workshop' started by DTSEPS, Sep 26, 2012.


    DTSEPS New Member

    So, a well-known local high school basketball coach in my coverage area moonlights as a musician, playing solo acoustic gigs during the offseason at pubs and restaurants in the vicinity, although usually not in the town he coaches in (next weekend being an exception). He performs using a stage name, as he doesn't want "LIVE FRIDAY NIGHT - (COACH) JOHN DOE" plastered on the marquee outside the local bars for all the world to see, which is understandable.

    Anyway, I'm thinking of doing sort of a humorous mock enterprise piece on it, taking the angle of how they look exactly alike, and asking them (him) do they know each other or if they've heard of each other, etc. He's on board, and he's a funny guy to begin with, so I'm expecting gold in the quote department. Myself and all the folks over on the news side think it'll be a hit. What say you all?
  2. RustyJay

    RustyJay Guest

    I love it! Run with it and have a blast.

    DTSEPS New Member

    Here's the text of it. Went ahead and wrote it up tonight. Thoughts?

    Hammer: Looks like Mike (or, "Tew times two?")
    Sub: Just who exactly is Tom E. Wingo?

    An event flier seenposted around town this week featuring a mysterious local musician has folks wondering, Who is Tom E. Wingo?
    Wingo, who is scheduled to perform at Main Street Grille on East Washington Street Friday, Oct. 5 at 8 p.m., has gained a following over the last few years playing solo acoustic shows at local pubs and restaurants.
    As his notoriety has increased, though, so has speculation about his relationship with another local figure to whom he bears an uncanny resemblance: Colleton County High School head varsity basketball coach Michael Tew.
    Tew said Wednesday night that he has heard often over recent months that he has an apparent doppelganger here in the Lowcountry.
    In fact, after Wingo sang at several Edisto Beach venues during the week of July 4, Tew said he was bombarded with questions about his connection to the singer from local vacationers who saw him perform.
    Despite this, Tew denies any relationship to the singer.
    “I’ve heard of a Tom Wingo, who was actually very similar to myself in that he loves the Lowcountry and that he was a high school coach himself,” Tew said referencing the thusly named character in the novel, “The Prince of Tides,” written by renowned Lowcountry author Pat Conroy.
    “But as far (the singer) goes, I’ve heard that he’s been mistaken for me in appearance, and I wish him luck, but I do wish people would stop mistaking him for me.”
    Wingo’s reputation as a performer has not escaped Tew, however.
    “From what I hear, he’s fairly decent, and isn’t going to run anybody off (with his performance),” said Tew.
    The buzz has not gotten past Wingo, either, who also said on Wednesday after being reached by phone through a friend that he’s aware of his apparent look-alike.
    From his description of Tew, however, Wingo seems to know much more about his apparent double than Tew knows in return.
    “I’ve heard about him, and he obviously must be dashingly handsome for people to mistake him for me,” Wingo said. “I’ve heard also that he’s got a little bit of a ham in him — you know, doesn’t mind joking around and being in the spotlight a little bit. Those aren’t necessarily bad attributes.
    “I’ve heard, too, that he’s not the best basketball coach in the world, but that he’s certainly not the worst by any stretch, either, and I would highly recommend, at least from what I’ve heard, that everybody get out and support the Cougars and Coach Tew this year by attending a CCHS basketball game.”
    Speaking of basketball, some digging proved that Tew and Wingo might have more in common than either of them think. For instance, both are North Carolina transplants, but being from the Tarheel State doesn't indicate any affinity for the University of North Carolina.
    Rather, each is a die-hard fan of North Carolina State University and its basketball team.
    “Hailing from the great state of North Carolina, I was taught that there was only one real basketball team in my state, and that would be the great team from Raleigh, the NC State Wolfpack,” Wingo said.
    Beyond simple appearance, the intangible character likenesses of the apparent strangers proved even more strikingly similar when Wingo described himself in much the same way that Tew did.
    “Well, I’m just a guy who loves the Lowcountry of South Carolina and being out on the water,” the singer claimed. “I’ve kind of got salt water in my veins.”
    However, when told that Tew once many years ago also was an accomplished musician in his own right as part of a touring band, Wingo was incredulous.
    Asked if he might be willing to share the stage with Tew next Friday if he happened to show up at Main Street Grille for the show, Wingo responded, “If he’s smart, Coach Tew will just stick to coaching, and leave the musicianship to professionals. There’s no sense in him making a fool of himself.”
    While he feels Tew might not be able to hack it on stage, Wingo promises his audiences can expect a diverse musical selection filled with fun.
    “I play a wide variety of stuff,” he said. “You’ll hear some Jimmy Buffett, some Kenny Chesney, John Mellencamp, as well as a few newer things, but it’s also not uncommon for me to break out something from the Wizard of Oz or AC/DC. Whatever the muse points me too.
    “Way back when I took my initial stab at being a musician, I kind of tried to please everybody. Now, I’ve found that playing music that makes me happy and gives me joy allows me pass that fun on to other people much more easily, and it’s seemed to work out real well. People will have a good time.”
  4. GidalKaiser

    GidalKaiser Member

    Really good idea, and pretty good piece.
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