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Even BETTER than Bleacher report ...

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by BDC99, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. BDC99

    BDC99 Well-Known Member

    And YOU pay THEM! Where do I sign up?

  2. BDC99

    BDC99 Well-Known Member

    "We believe that the Bleacher Report model, while not perfect, is a part of a growing trend in the new media space, where fans feel their input, opinions, and work is just as valuable as that of the sports pundits and industry insiders," said Terence Gelke, Fancloud.com Chief Executive Officer.

    "Valuable," you say. But not worth any money.
  3. tmr

    tmr Member

    I love this sentence, perfectly sums it up:

    "The three dipshits in the video above are the site's founders, and they can explain everything to you, but if you're not in the mood to have some wannabe Silicon Valley bros explain why you should give them $50, allow me to explain what Fancloud is: a fucking scam."
  4. tapintoamerica

    tapintoamerica Well-Known Member

    .... "fans feel their input, opinions, and work is just as valuable ...."

    Now that is the sort of grammatical precision that should really make an impression.

    I are certain that writers is going to be overwhelmed with that degree of professionalism.
  5. Is this site the one that's looking for content managers on the jobs board?
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