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Equipment question for reporters

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by John Taylor, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. John Taylor

    John Taylor Member

    I've got a couple writers interested in the new mini-computers. For example, the HP Mini:


    Have any of you reporters out there used one or something like it?

    If so, what are the pros, cons, recommendations?

  2. Moderator1

    Moderator1 Moderator Staff Member

    We have a Dell mini.
    My wife and son like it for Web surfing and other stuff.
    I think it would be difficult to use for work - it's just so damn small. But maybe that's just me.

    Not quite like filing on a BlackBerry, but not that far away.
  3. bob

    bob Member

    Considered it, but they don't come with a CD drive, which I wanted. Just bought a pretty decent full-size Acer (rather than accept a used piece-o-crap from the company) that cost pretty much what I would have paid for a mini. I can't imagine having to stare at that little screen all the time. And this Acer is pretty damned good for $330.
  4. MrWrite

    MrWrite Member

    I actually recently got an Acer netbook and really like it. Make sure that when considering a netebook you check the keyboard scale. The HPs and Dells are pretty big I think (like about 92 percent of original keyboard size, whereas Acer's are around 88-89 -- which is still usable if you have big fingers -- and Asus' are really small, around 83 percent).

    I also got mine for less than $300, which was not insignificant as a deciding factor. But if you shop around, that's not too hard to duplicate.
  5. Bullwinkle

    Bullwinkle Member

    The mini laptops aren't bad, but they aren't particularly fast, either. I have been wanting one for quite a while but just haven't gotten around to it. The Dell ones are small, but a few other companies, at least I think, make them even smaller.
  6. Speedbump

    Speedbump New Member

    If all you are doing is word processing and surfing the web, the little guys are pretty sweet. But forget it if you want to do anything that requires serious horsepower. But for a quick gamer in a cramped press box, you can't beat it. And the price is great (I have the Acer netbook and really like it a lot).
  7. Stitch

    Stitch Active Member

    The new crop of netbooks coming around the New Year is supposed to improve graphics a lot. Especially in playing HD video. Plus the Windows 7 launch will be really help since netbooks that run Windows run XP.
  8. Mizzougrad96

    Mizzougrad96 Active Member

    What's the memory of those little books?
  9. Stitch

    Stitch Active Member

    A 1 GB of RAM and the hard drive space can range from 16 GB for a solid-state drive that doesn't have any moving parts to between 100 GB and 200 GB for a conventional notebook hard drive.
  10. Mizzougrad96

    Mizzougrad96 Active Member

    Wow, that's not much, but what can you realistically expect for that price?
  11. Smasher_Sloan

    Smasher_Sloan Active Member

    I'm not quite ready to replace this baby.

    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 15, 2014
  12. hondo

    hondo Well-Known Member

    Like roaches in nuclear winter: they just won't die.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 15, 2014
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