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Editing quibble on SI Tebow story

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by UPChip, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. UPChip

    UPChip Well-Known Member

    Something I noticed in the Tebow SI cover story concerned me. I'm no fundamentalist, but something looked fishy when I saw the following sentence, a quote from his father.

    Why would that need to be inserted in there?

    Could they have changed a quote out of fear that what he did say, perhaps "murdered" or something like it, would offend people?
  2. mediaguy

    mediaguy Well-Known Member

    It's an interesting edit. I'm curious now what the original word was -- as much as it could be something harsh like "murdered" that's softened, I suppose it could be something vague, though I can't think of a word there that couldn't be set up with a single sentence of context, allowing the quote to run intact ...
  3. Peytons place

    Peytons place Member

    That is curious. I'm thinking it must be "murdered." What else could it have been they would have felt needed to be changed.
  4. Sneed

    Sneed Guest

    "Killed," if the surrounding paragraphs didn't make it clear Pop was talking about abortion.
  5. sportsguydave

    sportsguydave Active Member

    Is there a link to the story?? I would be interested in seeing the context ... and why this quote needed to be in a sports story in the first place. I mean, we all know Tebow is Jesus and all, but still...
  6. tapintoamerica

    tapintoamerica Well-Known Member

    I'd keep "murdered" in there; it provides insight into Tebow's background and the extent of his intensity, passion, etc.
  7. spnited

    spnited Active Member

    How does a quote from his father tell me anything about Tebow's "intensty, passion, etc.," other than to tell us he was raised by a lunatic Christian? It doesn't tell me whether Tebow believes this.
  8. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    Maybe I'd have kept the verb and inserted (unborn) before "babies". The unborn part would make it clear it's abortion.
  9. Matt1735

    Matt1735 Well-Known Member

    The word lunatic is offensive. Tebow's dad is a preacher and has done a lot of missionary work. The family was overseas when Tebow was born, doing missionary work. Because Dad (and the family) have strong beliefs does not make them lunatics.
  10. PeteyPirate

    PeteyPirate Guest

    I agree. I'd go with "delusional," because he apparently has no understanding of the laws of this country.
  11. Guy_Incognito

    Guy_Incognito Well-Known Member

    He may understand, but disagree. Would he then be delusional?
  12. PeteyPirate

    PeteyPirate Guest

    How so?
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