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E. Andrews still the most pathetic SL babe ever, I don't care what y'all think

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Point of Order, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. joe

    joe Active Member

    Re: Nevermind.

    Sam Ryan, all day, every day. Sweet like the girl next door (although never next door to me, unfortunately) and the only sideline reporter I could stand because at least she brought something to the table when she talked. And, no, I'm no fan of ANY sideline reporting crap, but if it has to be done, I'd rather Sam Ryan than anyone. Plus did I mention she's sweet?
  2. rgd

    rgd Guest

    Re: Nevermind.

    Noooooooooooo way is Rachel Nichols is hotter than Erin Andrews. I've seen both up-close and Erin is waaaaaaaaay hotter.

    Agreed. 100 percent.
  3. Chef

    Chef Active Member

    Re: Nevermind.

  4. BigDog

    BigDog Active Member

    Re: Nevermind.

    I know you all have been waiting to learn how I deem Erin Andrews on a hot scale, so here goes:

    She would make me shoot so hard my scrotum would turn inside out.

    Having said that, there is some disturbing news to report about this lovely piece of exquisite tail: Word is, she hooked up with JJ Redick at the Final Four. (So Luggie, you might have a shot, since EA seems to be experimenting with women.)
  5. Re: Nevermind.

    Look, I think we can all admit that Erin can't hold a candle to the sexiest sideline reporter of all time: Armen Keteyian.
  6. Ace

    Ace Well-Known Member

    Re: Nevermind.

    At least we know why you're behind the guy, guy.
  7. Re: Nevermind.

    Tis better to give than receive, Ace.
  8. Elliotte Friedman

    Elliotte Friedman Moderator Staff Member

    Re: Nevermind.

    The biggest problem I have with ESPN's sideline reporters is that they are used too often. The best producers, and I've been fortunate enough to work with some good ones, say to me, "You're not getting on air unless you've got something useful," which is the way it should be. I get the impression that at many of ESPN's games, the thought is: "We've got this person here, we're going to put them on, regardless of the quality of information."

    It leads to some mind-numbing sideline reports. Generally, I'm a huge fan of ESPN's live-event production, but this aspect may be the weakest thing about their broadcasts.

    I worked with Erin through the 2004 Stanley Cup playoffs -- her with ABC, myself with CBC. She badly wanted to learn, and I got the sense that she really didn't get a lot of feedback from her producers. She came to me with a lot of questions, "How should I ask this?" "What's the best way to ask about this scenario?" "What do you think of this idea?" and always listened to any suggestions from myself or the other CBC people.

    (The number one piece of advice I gave her, which is the best advice anyone gave to me, was, "Listen to your game analysts. The comments they make will give you the right questions to ask.")

    Andrews formerly worked for the Tampa Bay Lightning, and they told her that before Game 6 of the Final -- the Calgary Flames could win the Cup at home that night -- Ray Bourque had phoned one-time teammate Tim Taylor. Bourque told Taylor that in 2001, his Colorado Avalanche had "pissed on the New Jersey Devils parade" in a similar scenario, and now Taylor's Lightning could do the same thing. Erin, as a thanks for our help, told us about the message, and Taylor allowed us to play it on the air prior to Game 7. (ABC & CBC were not competitors, so that was not an issue.)

    There are times I think people in the TV business see a good-looking woman like Erin Andrews and say, "Okay, she's here for her looks and we don't have to worry about her." Maybe they don't respect her, I don't know. But I do know that she wanted to get better and really took her job seriously. If she isn't getting that instruction, it's a shame, because that hurts the broadcast.

    Oh, and nice mental image, Luggie.
  9. Buck

    Buck Well-Known Member

    Re: Nevermind.

    Report: Kobe Bryant says Erin Andrews hottest sideline reporter. Jim Gray jealous.
  10. Armchair_QB

    Armchair_QB Well-Known Member

    Re: Nevermind.

    ESPN's problem, and it's the same with any US sports broadcast, is that they predetermine a certain number of sideline segments and they use them all whether they need to or not.
  11. Dignan

    Dignan Guest

    Re: Nevermind.

    I think they're real. :eek:

    Also like to say, there's not nearly enough Erin Andrews photos on the internet.
  12. indiansnetwork

    indiansnetwork Active Member

    Re: Nevermind.

    I like Erin Andrews but for my tastes I would take Rachel Nichols.
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