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Dreaming of a White Climate in Brattleboro (kooks wants to get rid of Thanksgiving and Christmas)

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Songbird, Oct 7, 2021.

  1. Songbird

    Songbird Well-Known Member

    'Climate vacations' proposed to replace Christmas, Thanksgiving

    BRATTLEBORO — A new proposal would replace Christmas and Thanksgiving school vacations with “climate vacations” in which families would share their concerns about the climate.

    “We’re calling this ‘Sharing, Not Shopping,’” said Representative Town Meeting member Kurt Daims, who also is a director of Brattleboro Common Sense and serves on the Windham Southeast School District’s Climate Crisis Task Force. “It also saves money. It prevents shopping stress and pollution from manufacturing merchandise. And most importantly, it saves time so that everyone can have time to get real about the absolutely most important thing in the world with the absolutely most important people in your world.”

    A proposal from the Climate Crisis Task Force on the WSESD Board’s agenda next Tuesday would move all public schools in Brattleboro, Dummerston, Guilford and Putney to plant-based menus in the cafeterias, and dedicate one day each month to teacher training about climate issues and another day a month for students to completely focus on such issues.

    At the Brattleboro Select Board meeting Tuesday, Daims suggested the Select Board endorse the task force’s proposal. He said his group, Brattleboro Common Sense, is additionally proposing to the School Board that Christmas and Thanksgiving vacations be renamed “climate vacations” and devoted to families sharing their concerns about the climate with their loved ones.

    Select Board Chairwoman Elizabeth McLoughlin thanked Daims for the information. McLoughlin said the item could not be discussed by the board because it hadn’t been warned on the agenda.​

  2. maumann

    maumann Well-Known Member

    Whackadoodle MAGA guy -- who was no children in the system -- has wasted the local school board's time the past two meetings with unsubstantiated claims of Critical Race Theory. Knows there's something going on, but when pressed for specific evidence, of course doesn't have any. It's all on the Interwebs! They voted last week to discontinue conversation on the topic, so in today's local rag, he's claiming the board slandered him.

    If I'm the superintendent, I follow up with "so, get a lawyer and sue us."

    Dude, you're a kook. The truth is the best defense against claims of slander.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2021
    SFIND, OscarMadison and Driftwood like this.
  3. SixToe

    SixToe Well-Known Member

    Fucking nutbags. That's all they are.
  4. Scout

    Scout Well-Known Member

    Makes as much sense as giving every teacher a gun.
  5. playthrough

    playthrough Moderator Staff Member

    Plant-based menus in the cafeterias? Eff that to the moon. Suffering through mystery-meat school lunches as a kid builds character.
    heyabbott, OscarMadison and maumann like this.
  6. OscarMadison

    OscarMadison Well-Known Member

    Yannow, if politically motivated vegans were half as woke as they think they are, they'd realize not every human wants or needs to eat a plant-based diet. Ask anyone with IBS or Crohn's Disease how that gluten-free craze worked out for them.
    maumann likes this.
  7. swingline

    swingline Well-Known Member

    I’d rather see every teacher with a grizzly bear.
    OscarMadison likes this.
  8. britwrit

    britwrit Well-Known Member

    Eh. I don't particularly agree with this but I don't think it's crazy either. Cows are a big driver of climate change - between the methane they belch out and the forests that get down to raise them. And if we're facing a global disaster, why is this such a joke?

    You can translate that to "Gee, Kurt. That's really interesting. We'll certainly look into it."
  9. Baron Scicluna

    Baron Scicluna Well-Known Member

    The Right-Wing Shriek Machine just got its talking points for the next five years.
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