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Does your paper write about Fantasy Football?

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by North61, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. aeroking

    aeroking Member

    I'm astonished to hear this idea that "you can get it online and it will be better there, too." I'd like to know, what are you filling your paper with currently that isn't available online? Except for preps coverage (which is always slighted on here), if you print stuff found nowhere else every day, then show me your sports section because I'd like to mimic it. Obviously you can find shitty fantasy columns. But you can find just as awful game stories and columns. And this is coming from someone who despises fantasy sports. The secret, just like covering a beat, writing gamers and columns is to do things that no one else is, or just flat out do it better. Why would fantasy coverage be any different?
  2. batts

    batts Member

    We run a weekly fantasy page that seems well received. We also have a Web presence that delves into who's hot, who's not and who's a good play on a given day or week. Judging by the Web hits, I'd say it gets a regular readership, which, oddly enough, is what we're in the business of doing -- serving readers.

    Two billion folk in China may not care, but you have readers who do. If you're not trying to do something to reach them, then what the hell are you doing in the business?

    Fantasy columns, youth reports, old ladies swimming to stay fit, X-games reports and poker columns. You've got a wide audience, do something for them. Don't complain about having to do it.

    They don't all want to read your 800-word gamer and you're 1,200-word lead-transition-quote-transition-quote-Johnny's/Jenny's-a-stud-feature.
  3. DyePack

    DyePack New Member

    More fabulous newspaper thinking.
  4. Tom Petty

    Tom Petty Guest

    king - you missed the sarcasm font.
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