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Dissecting pop culture: My gift to SJ -- The Star Wars Holiday Special

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Bubbler, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. outofplace

    outofplace Well-Known Member

    Ok, I can't watch the clip from work (no sound on my computer), but I still remember how badly this sucked. And I loved all things Star Wars in those days (Even had the Death Star playstation AND the Millenium Falcon. Hi Bubbler!)

    Thanks for sharing this Bubbler. And if it is any consolation, the Death Star playstation was pretty damn disappointing.

    By the way, Chewbacca's family shows up in Star Wars novels, too. The versions of the names in the show are nicknames. They actually have longer, more wookie-sounding names, though thankfully I'm not quite enough of a nerd to remember them.
  2. outofplace

    outofplace Well-Known Member


    Interesting reading. Probably better than watching this piece of crap. I didn't even remember the cartoon, which introduced Boba Fett to the world.
  3. jay_christley

    jay_christley Member

    Ah, the Star Wars Christmas Special ...
    good times.

    That's actually how I knew the eventual-wife was in for the long haul.
    She's a pretty big Star Wars fan. So, like three or four dates in, I bust out the trump card (looking back, it wasn't that impressive). Through the local comic shop that specializes in bootleg hard-to-find copies of movies/old TV shows, I actually have a VHS copy of the XMas Special.
    Sadly, 12 minutes in and there was yet an English word uttered, she was not so impressed.
    We even had to fast-forward through some of the acid-tripping dance numbers.
    But, at least she didn't bolt out the door screaming like a scared tusken raider.
    Five years later and I'm sure she's still regretting that decision. :)
  4. Bubbler -
    The gods of logrolling in Hayward are blessing your name.
  5. statrat

    statrat Member

    I can't believe a wasted a good 20 minutes wading my way through that. I guess I will never truly escape my Star Wars nerd past.
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