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DirecTV's Extra Innings vs. MLB.tv

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Firstime Caller, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. I'm an out of market fan now and was wondering about the pluses and minuses of both options and how each of them work.

    A few questions:

    If I have a Mac Powerbook G4 running OS X, can I hook it up to the TV to watch games?

    Does MLB.com show all the games? How do things like announcers, etc. work? What's the broadcast like? Can you watch multiple games on a Mac?

    As for Extra Innings, I get the sense from the advertising that it doesn't show every game for every team. If you're out of market, how does it work? What games are blacked out - the ones on ESPN, ESPN Sunday Night, ones shown as Fox Game of the Week or all games on Saturday during Fox's exclusive time? Just trying to figure out if I take this option how many games I'll see.

    Finally, maybe a stupid question, how does the Sportspack on DirecTV work in regards to games? I'm assuming that if you buy the package where you get all the local sports channels - FoxSports Southwest, Comcast Whatever - you can't just watch the games they show on those channels if you don't live in that area, right?

    Thanks in advance for any help/opinions as I try to decide which option to choose. I'd like to decide within the next few days because DirecTV is offering an early bird special for $40 off if you order by April 7.
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