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De La Hoya/Mayweather fight = Richest Ever

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Chuck~Taylor, May 9, 2007.

  1. Chuck~Taylor

    Chuck~Taylor Active Member

    Set all time record for buys(was set by Holyfield/Tyson ear fight) and revenues(Lewis/Tyson fight).

  2. ogre

    ogre Member

    Bronze Boy's take was, what, $45 mil. Yo.
  3. bostonbred

    bostonbred Guest

    The fight sucked, though.
  4. cranberry

    cranberry Well-Known Member

    This was one of the better jobs of marketing an event I've ever seen. Then the fight delivered on the expectations.
  5. Mystery_Meat

    Mystery_Meat Guest

    Didn't see the fight, but I've read stuff that says the 24/7 show may be the new way to hype the big fight. Who's next for Mayweather, though? Assumably there's another fight with de la Hoya, but outside that?
  6. Big Chee

    Big Chee Active Member

  7. Double Down

    Double Down Well-Known Member

    The fight sucked unless you, like, actually appreciate the artistry of real boxing.
  8. Big Chee

    Big Chee Active Member

    Personally, I felt they nullified each others offensive skill set, a credit to their superb defense, and it lead to a less than entertaining fight.
  9. standman

    standman Member

    Very true. Steve Nash looked more like a fighter than Mayweather or Oscar. I never saw a loser of a big fight smile more than Oscar. He wasn't hurt, wasn't marked up real bad, was able to wave to his pretty wife and he knew he was about to pull down a huge wad of cash that he didn't have to share with Don King or Bob Arum. I guess I would be smiling too.
  10. bostonbred

    bostonbred Guest

    Hey, the 24/7 show was pretty damn entertaining.

    The fight was, as Bill Simmons accurately put it, a glorified sparring session. And boxing's still dead, too.
  11. Smallpotatoes

    Smallpotatoes Well-Known Member

    It was a good fight, not a great one.
  12. Chuck~Taylor

    Chuck~Taylor Active Member

    I would love to see Mayweather go against Winky Wright.
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