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Credit Cards

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by MertWindu, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. John

    John Well-Known Member

    I used my Visa points for a four free nights in New York a couple of years ago.

    One word of advice, the points I earn on my Visa expire after two years, so you might want to check to see if yours do, too.
  2. MertWindu

    MertWindu Active Member

    When did this thread become "Escape from New York?"
  3. Almost_Famous

    Almost_Famous Active Member

    did you see what happened with katrina?

    anyway, my point was to get a card that gives you rewards/bonuses ... and pay them off every month. without fail. if you see yourself not being able to pay off a card, make sure there's no APR. nothing worse than having to pay 15% interest on a dinner you had 3 months ago.
  4. MertWindu

    MertWindu Active Member

    Sorry for the double-up.

    My choices at the moment, as far as the one I liked the most while searching around online and the one I just got in the mail today, are a Mastercard hooked up with my alma mater's alumni association. I think it's a 13.9% APR, seemed like it was fixed (but I have to check), or the Amex BlueSky, which has some extra air and hotel rewards. APR could go as high as 18 percent if I get stupid (which, frankly, I probably will), but it starts off a little lower, and there's six months of 0% APR, which the alumni card does not have. Any thoughts? I'm not married to either of them, but they are the two on my table at the moment.
  5. OTD

    OTD Active Member

    Whatever you do, keep in mind that a "fixed" APR is fixed only as long as the bank wants it to be. I have had APRs randomly raised. When I say random, I mean, I'd never been late on a payment, never hit the credit line or anything. Sometimes they'll lower it if you call them and ask, sometimes they won't.
  6. ServeItUp

    ServeItUp Active Member

    A_F, what are fiancée charges? Is that something we single folk will never understand?
  7. Sam Mills 51

    Sam Mills 51 Well-Known Member

    I had always heard to avoid AMex. MasterCard and Visa, fine. But no AMex.

    So Tex ... given your pair of choices, that would have been the decision-maker for me.

    HC's advice about using Quicken is a quality suggestion. If you don't wish to use Quicken, try either wrapping the receipts around your card (it will help you realize that you might be overdoing it occasioanally when your wallet becomes difficult to close) or simply attach a Post-It Note in your checkbook with a running total on what your balance is. For me, it helps prevent sticker shock when that little bill comes in.

    Good luck ... and while it has already been said, simply pay the thing off each month to avoid the hassle.
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