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Copy editor, New Jersey

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by JaRoy Hobbs, Apr 7, 2007.

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  1. Sinking Ship

    Sinking Ship Member

    Hey friend of a friend,

    I worked at this paper for 13 years and finally had enough and left recently - and yes, I was able to get another job fairly quickly. I was more than good enough to get another job. The reason I stayed so long was because I liked the people I worked with and the first 10 years of my employment there were pretty good. But the last three years - and especially since December, when the first round of firings began, and earlier this year, when Aaron Bracy came strutting into the building - it became intolerable. No amount of money was worth the crap desk people had to endure.

    If you don't like reading about what people have to say about the stinking hell-hole, then read another thread. Nobody is holding your hand to the mouse, forcing you to click here, are they? Are you a big boy who is able to make mature choices and decisions in your life? Click on another topic, buddy, and leave us JRC haters alone. This web site contains many topics of discussion, and why you choose to read this - if it so disturbs you - is mystifying.
  2. boots

    boots New Member

    The skill is that you were a failure as an SE and when asked what you would do differently can't come up with an answer. Perhaps that explains why you were given the boot in the first place.
    I comprehend perfectly well. I also know that you're quick to give an insult.
    Maybe your lack of communicative skills is a reason why you aren't still at the Trentonian making a difference.
    Good luck.
  3. JRC BOD

    JRC BOD New Member

  4. aeroking

    aeroking Member

    The silence is deafening. Maybe there's no wonder this newspaper has been in the shitter so long. Long on complaints, short on real suggestions for improvements. That's only natural, to sit around the bitch without offering any real solutions. Truly the sign of a loser mentality.
  5. JaRoy Hobbs

    JaRoy Hobbs New Member

    Aaron, you're the one being paid to make decisions about the paper. Why should we offer you solutions? If we're pathetic and have loser mentalities, why would you even want our suggestions? You say all we do is complain. Well, all you do is complain about us complaining. How is that any better? If this thread is just so awful, why do you even bother to participate? I'm glad you do, though. I enjoy the various opinions. Plus, it gives you a chance to keep up with your writing until you can go back to writing more columns.

    People have given you suggestions to avoid this company, to stop acting like a jerk, to stop leaving the building early, to stop ridiculing people for mistakes on page proofs, etc. You've ignored them. But if you still need some more basic tips, here are a few: 1) See a doctor to get some sort of relaxation medicine. 2) Don't flip out when a reporter comes back from a game and turns on his tape recorder to get a quote from a coach. A little bit of sound is not going to kill you or hurt the production of the paper. 3) Instead of running out of the office early because you have a morning tee time, try staying around until the end of your shift to finish proofing pages. 4) Stop trying to find ways to convince your employees to wear plastic bags while exercising. You're not a high school wrestling coach, so stop trying to act like one. 5) Try making a balanced schedule, one that doesn't have 3 people in the office one night and five the next, especially when the 3-person night has a much busier sports schedule. 6) Make some attempt to come within 90 minutes of deadline. 7) Try to be even the littlest bit human and maybe some or your employees will have some respect. When you scream at or go out of your way to berate an employee in front of the whole department, which is a nightly event, don't act shocked when people don't respond to you trying to be all nice five minutes later. 8 ) Don't scream at a some computer tech because JRC goons bought a system that is not capable of doing what you and JRC newspapers need it to do. The computer tech didn't make the decision to buy the new system or to put a dozens papers all on the same small server. 9) Stop refusing to initial a page that you worked on and proofed because you don't want to get blamed for a mistake. 10) Stop being so frightened of one of your three full-time writers, and make him step up his work week from the current 12 hours he puts in.

    It was good to read that you've taken up flying lessons. Maybe a nice flight will help give you some relaxation or serve as a much-needed form of therapy.
  6. Sinking Ship

    Sinking Ship Member

    Bracy won't initial a page he's worked on for fear of having his feet held to the fire? What a coward. But then again, he probably desperately wants to keep his job so he can continue to pay for those flying lessons. Has he taken a spin over Manhattan recently?
  7. aeroking

    aeroking Member

    OK, i've officially spent too much time caring about something that has no effect on my life, but I had to post this for the amusement of everyone who lurks here. Figured the "authority" on the Trentonian would be the guy who wrote the book about it. But then a little Googling led me to this this, which is by far the most unintentionally hilarious newspaper I've ever seen. Click on it, I swear, you won't be disappointed: http://myerstownherald.com/
  8. aeroking

    aeroking Member

    And JayRoy, if you're as dumb as you come across on this board, if I were Bracy, you'd either be cleaning toilets or looking for work. It's OK, you're just not bright. If nothing else, you're providing examples for why the SE might have to be kicking your ass nightly.
  9. deskslave

    deskslave Active Member

    That is in fact astonishing. Who knew you could make an entire paper out of police reports? About goons, losers and knuckleheads, at that?
  10. Frank_Ridgeway

    Frank_Ridgeway Well-Known Member

    I doubt it's "unintentionally hilarious," you're not that lurid and you don't call people "creeps" and "goons" in headlines unless you're trying to amuse readers.

    But I'll tell ya what -- I have no idea where the paper is located, but I hope to hell I never drive through there. It must be a dangerous place to produce so many crime stories in one edition. Their readers must be freaking animals.

    You'd think he'd have learned one lesson, though, from his stop in Trenton. And that is that while you may attract readers, the advertisers generally think you're disgusting and that your readers are not the kind of people they want in their store, so they stop buying ads.
  11. Mystery_Meat

    Mystery_Meat Guest

    Hard not to appreciate the "teen knocks out sister" story next to the karate ad.
  12. Mystery_Meat

    Mystery_Meat Guest

    This is the newspaper they read in hell. Of this I'm certain.

    Can't figure out which stories warrant "goons" and "losers" and which don't, other than that the big crimes don't get them. Guess they respect the big-time criminals.

    Got to love the hed where hospital is shortened to "hosp", even though there was plenty of room to spell the word out.

    The restaurant ads made me think of Jefferton from Tom Goes To The Mayor, but I don't know why.

    And one of the ads was for a business named BJ Tool. Hallelujah.
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