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Content Manager (Not just Sports) in San Francisco or East Coast Remote

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by jimmyspencer11, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. jimmyspencer11

    jimmyspencer11 New Member

    Editorial Content Manager, Social Media Platform (Remote from east coast --SF HQ)
    Staance, a securely-funded social media startup in downtown San Francisco, is seeking an intelligent writing and marketing mind to add to our dynamic team.

    For an East Coast resident, there is no need to move. We are seeking an individual based out of the east coast with the ability to cover morning news cycles as well as attend meetings through Skype/Google Hangout/phone. The position will be either full-time or part-time dependent on a number of factors.

    We are seeking a stylish individual who is:
    1. a witty and punchy writer
    2. pedantic
    3. experienced in editorial and/or marketing
    3. an expert in 2-3 of our categories (politics and world news preferred but not required)
    4. heavily opinionated with the ability to also see both sides of a topic/issue
    5. obsessive about consuming the news
    6. a master of social media
    7. a bold, outside-the-box decision-maker with confidence and integrity
    8. friendly/outgoing with excellent interpersonal skills
    9. strongly engaged in social media (Facebook, Twitter) and has experience with Pinterest, Reddit and Tumblr
    10. a good person

    Staance's mission: to organize the world's opinions so they are universally accessible and useful. We provide a rhetorical and quantitative snapshot of what people think, revealing quick, digestible insights into the stories that shape our lives. We are a diverse team of individuals with a passion to make a difference.

    We want a clever, bold person to track the pulse of current events and public opinion. Simply put, this position will create and manage "assertions" that relate to the interests of our users. The goal is to craft and review concise statements that will engage our users to either agree or disagree in realtime.

    Instructions to Apply:

    A) The below assertions need to be fixed. Please review each of the five and then construct what you consider an improved version that will compel a user to respond. Your goal is to create an assertion that is clear, concise (6-8 words), direct and impactful.

    IMPORTANT: Your assertion should be worded such that a reader can agree or disagree with it. The assertion is not a question and it should be stated as something 80 percent of people would agree with. Remember, your assertions have nothing to do with your personal views; it's all about contention and engagement.

    Be creative. Be witty. You can use any type of language you want. For example, assertions don't have to always appear as complete sentences ("Startups > Corporations" or "Anthony Weiner: #Fail" also work). Assertions will also be paired with a multimedia element or linked to a relevant news story.

    1. Assertion: After crack rumors, Lamar Odom really seems like a Kardashian.
    2. Assertion: The Miss America pageant is a controversial decision according to Americans.
    3. Assertion: Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul > Mad Men's Don Draper #AMC
    4. Assertion: The D.C. shooting is proof that mental health must be a priority for our nation.
    5. Assertion: Snapchat is for single individuals and partners who are ready to cheat.

    B) Please review the following categories below. Choose four of them and then compose three assertions per chosen category using current events as your guide.

    Categories to Choose From:

    *Politics *Sports
    *Gaming *Music
    *Fashion *Movies
    *Business *Finance
    *World *Religion
    *Science *Technology

    Please attach your resume and submit your responses to jimmy@staance.com with a subject line of "Content Manager Application." Please include a cover letter of 100-200 words.
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