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Content Management Associate - Time Inc.

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by hr_reception, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. hr_reception

    hr_reception New Member


    What We Do:
    Sports Illustrated Content Management is responsible for servicing the photography and text research needs for all of Sports Illustrated. Our group also oversees our syndication partnership with Getty Images through the management of www.sipictures.com, We also manage our photo print and custom reprint business as well as finding new products to showcase our content.

    •Caption images following SI protocol.
    •Scan, crop and retouch analog images for internal database as well as www.sipictures.com.
    •Manage workflow of digital images for daily transfers to www.sipictures.com (Getty).
    •Provide photo research and scanning for SI as well as external client through website.
    •Handle print requests for internal/external clients.

    Skills needed:
    •Proficiency in captioning images quickly, including the ability to research the internet and source information for all necessary data. Accustomed to a deadline oriented environment helpful.
    •Proficiency with Photoshop – ability to color correct, crop and retouch. Working knowledge of scanners and scanning software recommended. Knowledge of database management systems (MediaGrid and ACDSee) helpful.
    •Interest and knowledge of both current and historical sports.
    •Interest in photo research and editing large amount of photography in a variety of formats (transparencies, negatives and digital images).
    •Ability to work with a variety of people at all levels: management, photo editors, sales executives and photographers.

    To apply please use the following link;
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