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Content Architect - Automated Insights (AutomatedInsights.com)

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Mitch21, May 29, 2013.

  1. Mitch21

    Mitch21 Member

    I have been a lurker of sportsjournalists.com since I was an aspiring sports journalist in college. I respect this site and often visit. It is a site that guided me on my career path. With that background info (that nobody cares about) said ... I wanted to post an open position my company currently has. This position is not a typical "journalist" position, but writing and editing is important ... in addition to sports experience (or other data/numbers heavy verticals like finance, real estate or web analytics).

    What we do is produce content at scale using companies with massive amounts data that need to reach a large audience. Our most notable project is with Yahoo Fantasy Football. We produce the millions of recaps users read every week.

    While I am not here to argue whether or not we are trying to replace traditional journalists (we aren't) ... I feel the following statement is necessary to explain the position:

    This is not a traditional journalism position in that we want someone to create a feature story based on interviews. We aren't trying to fake what traditional journalists do and cram quotes into a robot written article. What we are trying to do - is produce personalized, relevant content at scale. We ask our content architects (writers) to go through the data and pull out insights ... not just noise. This is work that a traditional journalist would a) not be able to do and b) blow their brains out if they had to write 50,000 articles about bank rates.

    SiteAi.com is a great example of what we do as well. This is a daily e-mail produced for website owners who use Analytics software. We pull interesting notes out of the analytics numbers. For example:

    "Over the past 30 days, Tuesday has been the day of the week that receives the most visits to StatSheet.com."

    I come to sportsjournalists.com because we got our start in sports. StatSheet.com is own by us and is one of the most popular college basketball websites on the internet ... mostly for stat nerds. We have an embed service that many sports bloggers and journalists use for their own sites.

    We are a start-up with around 15 employees and growing fast ... Ping-pong, foosball and free sodas, as well as free health care benefits and stock options ... are some of the perks for working with us.

    We need people! Below is the job description from our website. Shoot me an e-mail at mitch@automatedinsights.com if you'd like further questions or would like to apply.

    We are located in the Research Triangle Park in Durham, North Carolina. This is not a remote position so you would be required to move. Unlikely that we would provide relocation assistance.

    Salary Range (not confirmed as I am not in management): 35-40K plus health and stock options

    Content Architect

    Automated Insights is the world leader in producing and publishing engaging, personalized content at scale. We're looking to add to our team of Content Architects that turn massive data sets into stories using our custom content development platform. Requirements include:

    Working knowledge of database principles and SQL.
    Working knowledge of statistical analysis and statistical research methods.
    Experience working with statistics in one or more verticals, i.e. sports, finance, advertising.
    Experience writing and editing--preferably published.
    Some programming experience and/or working knowledge of programming concepts ideal, but not required.
    Please email mitch@automatedinsights.com with your resume and writing samples.
  2. spikechiquet

    spikechiquet Well-Known Member

    So moving is required? Where is the location? Where does the salary range fall?
  3. Mitch21

    Mitch21 Member

    Thanks! ... updated with the important stuff regarding the position in bold.
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