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Content and Social Media Intern Opportunity in SF

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Sicksports, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Sicksports

    Sicksports New Member

    Content and Social Media Intern for a start-up on a mission
    READ ON …

    There is a gaping hole in what kids in the US and globally want and need from social media and relevant content platforms. Teens must be kept safe and have a safe place to connect around the subjects that are important to them. The current generation is the first one to grow up on mobile and they present unique challenges and huge opportunities.

    SICKSPORTS is a scrappy start-up, founded by an exceptional team that is already getting some amazing attention. We’ve done the focus groups, market sizing, assembled most of the winning team, closed on start-up funding and are already building an amazing product prototype. We need someone who can roll up his/her sleeves with us.

    SICKSPORTS’ Content and Social Media Intern will have the opportunity to create their own written and video content, build a social media following, produce original videos and upload videos, photos and other content to the site.

    We’re looking for an enthusiastic, multimedia ace ready to break into the industry with a bang. Since we are a start-up, you will be working on a fairly new platform designed to enlighten and build a vibrant community. Part of your job will be to effectively manage and grow that community on our Social Media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr).

    The content you create and curate will extend beyond merely “who won what game” to align with our brand and mission. We want stories that demonstrate character, respect, skills, sportsmanship and share journey experiences to our youth audience, while at the same time driving their enjoyment, engagement and return visits. We’ll expect you to contribute some crazy and funny content too … we hope that’s the way you roll.

    SICKSPORTS is not only a source of athletic news, but also a platform for fans to emphatically discuss their favorite sport, team, competition and their journeys through sports. We want you to spark and monitor great dialog that draws users in and keeps them involved. You will also be expected to monitor and foster positive constructive conversations and to manage and report on user feedback.

    If becoming the next star writer, video journalist, editor, and/or producer while helping the next generation is important to you (in a for-profit enterprise) AND you want to gain real-life experience in a tech start-up, then we want to talk to you.

    We are looking for people in touch with 12-20 year olds and able to communicate with them the way that they talk to themselves and each other.

    This is an opportunity for an Intern with energy and drive, looking to explore and contribute to building a great company.

    Here’s the deal - aka what you need to bring
    • A proven history of creating interesting written or video content with a focus on sports.
    • Experience with social media (as a user) and an interest in sports (from fans to serious players).
    • A history of accomplishment that demonstrates hands on ability, curiosity, reliability and the desire to succeed.
    • Plenty of experience using online and mobile products
    • Show us you can roll up your sleeves and figure out how to get things done (faster all the time).
    • Great communication skills, the desire to work in a team, the ability to work independently, appreciation for passionate discussion from varied viewpoints in order to quickly achieve consensus.

    Here’s the other part of the deal: We will provide you with the opportunity to contribute significantly, as well as the opportunity to make the world a much better place while working on to build an important business. We pay a low (think minimum wage+) hourly wage for 20-25 hours/week OR you may choose to earn collage credits, along with the chance to work with an amazing proven team to learn important lessons.

    You’ll also get
    • to have big impact on our success and on the success of 12-20 year olds globally.
    • a chance to try lots of different things and learn a lot from an accomplished team who likes mentoring while moving fast.

    We are a company that demands that you bring your personal values to work along with your very best game and your sense of humor. You’ll work in our cool new HQ in North Beach, San Francisco, with a successful, experienced and dynamic team who’re committed to excellence, success and like the camaraderie of winning as a team.

    Drop everything. Send us your resume and any links you think are insightful, along with a cover letter explaining why you’d be great for us in this role. We use a candidate tracking system (hey, it's 2014) so you must apply on our Careers page to be considered: https://sicksports.com/about We are ready to make this the best internship you’ve ever dreamed of.
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