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Come To Peaceful Anbar!

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Fenian_Bastard, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Is Fredo going to mention this guy in tonight's infomercial?


    Of course, it could just be the equivalent of a mob hit. From TIME:

    Sheikh Sattar, whose tribe is notorious for highway banditry, is also building a personal militia, loyal not to the Iraqi government but only to him. Other tribes — even those who want no truck with terrorists — complain they are being forced to kowtow to him. Those who refuse risk being branded as friends of al-Qaeda and tossed in jail, or worse. In Baghdad, government delight at the Anbar Front's impact on al-Qaeda is tempered by concern that the Marines have unwittingly turned Sheikh Sattar into a warlord who will turn the province into his personal fiefdom.
  2. I just read a post on theatlantic.com when I saw this thread.

    "This is a tragic loss," Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, the U.S. commander in Iraq, said of Abu Risha's death. "It's a terrible loss for Anbar province and all of Iraq. It shows how significant his importance was and it shows al-Qaeda in Iraq remains a very dangerous and barbaric enemy."

    The blog post goes on to mention that Petraeus doesn't know that it was Al-Queda. It could have been a number of other people who hated the guy. But that didn't stop Petraeus from furthering the "Al-Queda is the real enemy" Bush talking points.

  3. friend of the friendless

    friend of the friendless Active Member

    Sirs, Madames,

    He wasn't killed by al Queda or any other interested party. He committed suicide. When he shook Dubya's hand.

    YHS, etc
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