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College writer, Bakersfield Californian

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by HoosierLoser, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. HoosierLoser

    HoosierLoser Member

    I wish I was making this up but our college writer took a job with Unrestricted, a sports magazine in South Florida.

    So we now have two openings at the Californian. Enough with the hysteria, this isn't a mass exodus. Both reporters left for higher paying jobs. It's the circle of life in this industry. *Someone cue up Elton John*

    Our college writer covers CSUB (Cal State University of Bakersfield) and Bakersfield College. Also covers the Bakersfield Blaze, single-A affiliate of Texas Rangers during summer.

    CSUB is currently in its third year of D-I transition period. This is school's first year of D-I opponents. The men's basketball team schedule includes home dates vs. Fresno State, Pepperdine, Utah State and Oregon State. Writer will do some traveling with men's basketball but not all road games.

    Bakersfield College football is currently No. 1 in JC polls. That's depending on what poll you look at. Writer also travels with football and men's basketball for some road games. Men's basketball is a regular top-5 team in California.

    I don't have full details on position but I'll pass along as soon as know more.
  2. Today is the day

    Today is the day New Member

    Sounds like a sweet gig. Good football program, good basketball program and minor league baseball during the summer, good luck for those who apply.
  3. Not far from where I grew up, so I'm biased, but Bakersfield gets a bad rap from the haughty San Fran types.
  4. HoosierLoser

    HoosierLoser Member

    Position is open. Here's the link:http://www.journalismjobs.com/Job_Listing.cfm?JobID=837179

    Let the games begin.
  5. Question: If I want to apply for both the college and preps positions do you prefer two packets with clips, resume and cover letter indicating specifically which? Or is one indicating I'd like to be considered for both jobs good enough?
  6. HoosierLoser

    HoosierLoser Member

    One packet but indicate your No. 1 choice.

    Also, another public service announcement for everyone. I'd recommend for the newbies out there, if you're a correspondent or an intern for a major metro newspaper of Podunksville, don't even try for the college beat. Actually, same could be said for prep beat. I'd recommend starting smaller...like Yuma. Get some daily deadline experience before you apply for this job.
  7. This is coming from an editor who doesn't know the difference between your and you're? :)
  8. the_lorax

    the_lorax Member

    hey spellcheck won't catch that you know
  9. HoosierLoser

    HoosierLoser Member

    Great catch. You have a future in this business Rickys The Best. Mistake fixed.
  10. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

    I'm waiting for a desk/design position to open there. Good luck to all you writers out there; I can think of worse places to work than Bakersfield.
  11. VJ

    VJ Member

    Do I have to take back all the terrible things I've said about Alan Jacobsen before I work there?
  12. bp6316

    bp6316 Member

    Heh, nope! You'll probably find the exact same thoughts from several people there. Even ones that like the redesign. (And for the record, I love it and even liked Alan's original concepts before we tweaked em.)
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