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CNHI sucks rectal hairs

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Colton, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Colton

    Colton Active Member

    Just in case anyone's forgotten.

    I know I'm fortunate to have a job -- as we are constantly reminded of -- but my parent company is just awful.

    I could bore you with a ton of details, but who wants to listen to me whine?

    Only thing worse would be to be in a JRC house, I guess.

    Thanks for allowing me a moment of self-pity.

    Apologies to one and all.
  2. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    CNHI is JRC's hillbilly cousin. no apologies needed; nay, it is condolances for you...
  3. chazp

    chazp Active Member

    That's an insult to hillbillies everywhere!
  4. brettwatson

    brettwatson Active Member

    C'mon. Give it up. What's got you by the short hairs this time?

    I'm sure we can all relate. We just have to know what we're relating to.
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