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Cleveland (TN) Daily Banner

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by slc10, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. slc10

    slc10 Member

    Anybody know anything about the Cleveland Daily Banner and the community in general. I already know there is a Bojangles and Burger King in the neighborhood.
    Also, I want to find out the Kingsport paper and the area.
  2. writingump

    writingump Member

    Kingsport only has four full-time sportswriters and just right-sized its most senior sportswriter, one with almost 50 years of experience who is in the NET Sports Hall of Fame. PM me for more details.
  3. ghenley05

    ghenley05 New Member

    I covered sports for the Banner for 3 years. What are you interested in knowing?
  4. albert77

    albert77 Well-Known Member

    Know nothing about the paper, but I've vacationed in that area before. Cleveland is home to Lee University, which competes for national championships in NAIA, and is a decent-sized town (maybe 20-25K). It's pretty country, two hours to the Great Smoky National Park and a half-hour from Chattanooga. There are much worse places to live.
  5. slc10

    slc10 Member

    I am interested in knowing what kind of people work at the Banner and what the community is like. Also how is the pay there?
  6. JJHHI

    JJHHI Member

    I'm fairly certain Lee is making the jump to D2. Quality athletics program there. Like albert77 said, it's a pretty area and is close enough to Chattanooga that you won't feel isolated from civilization.
  7. ghenley05

    ghenley05 New Member

    Yeah. Lee is moving to D2 next year. Strong athletics program.

    Paper was decent...I enjoyed working there. 3 large high schools, 3 sports writers responsible. Good place to start for a lot - pay is nothing to write home about. If you're single, consider looking for a part-time job.

    Cleveland has grown a lot...top 15 city in the state in terms of population. Great place to raise a family.
  8. writingump

    writingump Member

    Cleveland is a nice place. Spent a week there in 2010 while I covered the NCAA Men's Golf Championship at nearby Ooltewah and found plenty to do there.
  9. Mark2010

    Mark2010 Active Member

    I've covered both NAIA and NCAA Division II and didn't notice much difference in the way programs were run. It's not that huge of a jump for a school to make.
  10. TGO157

    TGO157 Active Member

    Watch for cops.
  11. slc10

    slc10 Member

    I don't drive that fast but I will look for the authorities. GHenley I guess you are telling me that I might need a sugarmama. How are the folks who work there?
  12. ghenley05

    ghenley05 New Member

    Make sure if/when you meet her, you let her know up front that it's a plutonic relationship. Some Cleveland women are crazy! J/K

    Good people. Newsroom was pretty close when I was there. It's an afternoon paper, so you get to spend hours in the office in the morning with everybody else, as opposed to a lot of papers (like my current one) where a lot of people in other departments are just passing faces.

    From what I've heard, not too keen on employees using twitter, FWIW.
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