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Cincinnati Bengals and Florida ...

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by sptzdesigner, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. sptzdesigner

    sptzdesigner New Member

    Anyone out there know of a place in the St. Pete/Tampa area to watch Bengals games each week? I know there are strong Browns and Steelers fan bases, but I haven't heard of anything for the Bengals ...
  2. Jack_Kerouac

    Jack_Kerouac Member

  3. It's not the greatest sports bar in the world, but the Champions at the Tampa Westshore Marriott has Bengals fans hanging around. PLenty of TVs too.
  4. sptzdesigner

    sptzdesigner New Member

    Thanks for the Champions tip!

    We actually were going to go with DirecTV and they came to install it today ... but our condo faces northeast and the dish has to be installed facing south ... and condo association bylaws prohibit attaching them outside or to the roof. So we're screwed on that option.
  5. n8wilk

    n8wilk Guest

    Who Dey. They'll win by 3 this weekend in a tight one. Herm will try to use LJ to keep the Bengals O off the field.
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