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Christmas Greetings and Happy Holidays thread

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by DanOregon, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. DanOregon

    DanOregon Well-Known Member

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukuh to everybody. It's been a rough year for the industry, a tumultuous year for North America (I didn't forget you Canada!) and yet, I am filled with the hope and optimism that can only be provided by a 22 oz. Arrogant Bastard and a bottle of Widmer Bros. Brr. (top shelf stuff). Although I wouldn't recommend The Miser Bros. Christmas Special on TV (it sucks) - stick with A Year Without A Santa Claus again instead.
    Kind of sad, but I finally put up the Christmas decorations Monday, remembered the stories behind most of the decorations and felt like Dan Fogelberg's (RIP) Same Old Lang Syne when I broke out my Christmas village items that my mom gave me a few years back. One is of a city newspaper, the other is the facade of old Yankee Stadium. A certain wistfulness consumes me as I see them standing side by side, but hell, we've got about two feet of snow here in Oregon right now, a white Christmas seems guaranteed, Obama is taking the oath in less than a month, and I'm healthy.
    My hope and wish for you all, is for those experiencing their first holiday season without a loved one or those with a sense of unease about their current situation, to gain a sense of peace and have faith in yourselves and humanity as we turn the page on another year. Every year is a new unwritten chapter, our only limits are those we place on ourselves.. Let's get crackin'
    I'm not a big Web guy, but the people that post to this site are some great folks. The "conversations" are lively, most of the posts heartfelt and sincere, a great cheap form of therapy. It's hard not to be confident in the future of our "industry" whatever it might be in the future as long as there are people like the SportsJournalists.com community out there, pushing out pages and still stubborn enough to care. Mary Richards said it best: "If it weren't for the rotten things that happen in this world we couldn't put on the news show. We should be grateful to all the people who do those rotten things. We should stop them in the streets and say, "Thank you Mr. Mugger, thank you Mr. Thief, thank you Mr. Maniac."

    Happy Holidays,

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