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Chicago gets chance for 2016 Olympic bid

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by 21, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Rambler

    Rambler Member

    I'm probably more cynical than most on here (believe it or not) but I got chills when they announced my town. I'm proud to be a Chicagoan today.

    Now, back to ripping everything and looking for a new profession before 2016.
  2. 21

    21 Well-Known Member

    'Sweetheart, I'm sure you could be right, there's just nothing wrong with all that spicy food five times a day, plenty of Pepto for everyone, I'm sure they have laws now about where the meat comes from, and plenty of modern toilets too...it's just so ethnic to flush fifty times, makes you feel like you're somewhere interesting, don't you think? I do love that Ipanema song, though, Dad used to sing it when we were in Acapulco back in '58, I had the most wonderful little swimsuit, a two-piece, I bet I could still wear it, I'll have to go dig it out, would you be staying here if the Olympics came to Chicago, dear?'
  3. Yawn

    Yawn New Member

    Chicago will be a terrorist hit.
    2016....nine years....everything has settled down a bit...

    Then the liberals can begin crying again about why we stopped the wire-tapping that would have discovered this movement before it occurred.
  4. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Flying Headbutt

    Flying Headbutt Moderator Staff Member

    Wow. I wonder what he's like at a party.
  6. RokSki

    RokSki New Member

    Think "Debbie Downer" :)
  7. RokSki

    RokSki New Member

    Mom's a talker, huh, 21? :)

    She sounds sweet.
  8. Freelance Hack

    Freelance Hack Active Member

    As long as the Middle East is as fragile as old china, there will never be an Olympics there.

    Rio is probably the front-runner because a) it's Rio and b) the Olympics have not been held in South America.
  9. Armchair_QB

    Armchair_QB Well-Known Member

    Rio is getting a chance to show what it can do by hosting the Pan-Am Games this summer.

    My guess is that it comes down to Rio, Tokyo and Chicago. Madrid, Prague and Rome will get bounced because Europe already has the 2012 Games in London. Doha and Baku will get bounced because they're Doha and Baku.

    It's a shame they've done away with bribery in the selection process. If they hadn't Chicago would win it in a walk.
  10. RokSki

    RokSki New Member

    Where's Al C when you need him? :)
  11. boots

    boots New Member

    Rio is great. When its Carnival. Otherwise, I think the comittee with pass.
  12. John

    John Well-Known Member

    I'm still trying to figure out how the 1996 Games ruined Atlanta. And how could you tell?
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