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CBSSports.com's redesign

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by lantaur, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. lantaur

    lantaur Well-Known Member

    I don't think anyone has mentioned this - and maybe no one cares :) - but CBSSports.com (i.e. SportsLine.com) redesigned its front page.

    And maybe this is the old fuddy-duddy in me, but I don't like it so much. Perhaps the designers on here will say it looks nice, but for me, my eyes are drawn away from the headlines. You know, the news, the things I want to read.

    Of course, what makes each site stand out is its columnists, so I can understand the focus now being on that big picture to the left (where the three "big stories" or "big columns" are housed) - but even then, the columnists, which used to be below the picture, are now tucked away way over to the right. Again, I have to force my eyes to go there.

    The left side of the page is where I'm directed, and that's where the big pics are, my scores and "what's hot in sports."

    I guess I didn't mind the old page so much and this one - not so much.

    p.s. Speaking of being an old fuddy-duddy, I couldn't care how many people have posted messages to a story, but I guess I can understand this feature being added. Like other sites, CBSSports.com now seems to try to be making it more "interactive," with message boards, showing which members online, having member blogs, etc. You know, like SportingNews.com, not exactly a site I'd be emulating.
  2. The problems I have with it are:

    1. The page is left justified. That is great for people running 1024 X 768. But for people running 1680 X 1050, like me, it forces me to shift my vision way left to see the content. Granted, most people run a lower resolutions (I have some customers who still have people running at 640 X 480), so you build to the greatest common denominator. However, you could keep the content width the same and center the content. That way everybody wins.

    2. I don't like the way they are layering text over the pictures. It kills the picture and looks amateurish at best.

    3. I agree there is no real focal point except for the picture.

    I do like that they have at least moved more content above the fold. Before you had to scroll and click all over to get it. As far as the comments count, welcome to the Web 2.0 world of collaboration and community building. They are just finally catching up to their competitors.

    Have any of you seen BallHype.com? They have built a tremendous interface that really leverages the Web 2.0 metaphor better than anybody else out there.
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