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Canzano column on sex offender coach

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by statrat, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. statrat

    statrat Member

  2. fmrsped

    fmrsped Active Member

    Wow, killer last line.

    A good read, thanks for posting that.
  3. Is this coach the same guy who was shagging high school chicks on his high-profile AAU travel teams in Colorado a few years ago?
  4. fmrsped

    fmrsped Active Member

    I had that same thought, but I didn't recognize the name. ... I think it's someone different.
  5. awriter

    awriter Active Member

    I'm pretty sure it's the same guy.
  6. Shaggy

    Shaggy Guest

    I thought the Colorado-area coach killed himself when he finally got thrown in the clink.

    All in all, a solid read. Canzano quickly is becoming one of my favorites.
  7. jay_christley

    jay_christley Member

    The Colorado AAU coach in question (Rick Lopez) hung himself in his jail cell.
  8. Shaggy

    Shaggy Guest

    By the way, a close friend of mine had an inappropriate fling with her club soccer coach when she was 16 years old. I would've loved to have outed the fuck face but she's ashamed and doesn't want anyone to know. I didn't become friends with her until she was about 21.

    Point is, I bet this is far, far more prevalent than any of us choose to believe.
  9. fmrsped

    fmrsped Active Member

    No doubt about it, Shaggy, good points. ... I always get weirded with grown men coaching girls. ... If it's college, it's different, although was it at Indiana where the coach got a player pregnant?

    When I was in HS, tow guys coached the girls' track team. One took photos of the girls and put them on his classroom wall, something the higherups in the district apparently had no problem with. He got in trouble for fooling around witha girl.

    The other guy got busted for soliciting high school boys on the Internets (a la Chris Hansen and Dateline NBC) from his apartment in his parents' basement.

    Fucking freaks. I'm never having kids.
  10. statrat

    statrat Member

    I would think the fact that the guy is still working with young girls makes this a bit more than your typical "catching up" article.
  11. chazp

    chazp Active Member

    I can put a stop to his reign of terror. Lock me in a room with him for 10 minutes and let me use my hedge trimmers. When I'm done, he'll be singing, "Oh, I wish I had an Oscar Meyer wiener." He would be allowed to return to coaching afterwards with any age group of females of his choosing, although he would shout instructions to his team in an extremely high-pitched voice.
  12. Kaylee

    Kaylee Member

    I had a buddy of mine in college who was a year older than me. His senior year, he did his student teaching at a local high school and helped with the basketball teams (he wanted to be a basketball coach.)

    I didn't hear much from him until two years later, when I found myself in the same town to cover a high school basketball tournament. I run into him at the gym, and he's with a young - though mature looking - blond. I ask him how things are going, and he says he's working on his masters or something.

    Then he introduces me to the blond, who turns out to be his fiance.

    "So are you just here to catch the game?" I ask.

    "Um, no." She says. "I'm playing in the next game."

    Turns out they "met" while she was a freshman and he was student teaching and coaching at that high school.

    Apparently she ended up leaving him. I ran into him about a week ago. He got a job teaching and coaching girls in some tiny town in this state.
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