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Can't I get any love?

Discussion in 'Writers' Workshop' started by devodian, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. devodian

    devodian New Member

    Man, 60 people have looked at my column, and no one has anything to offer me? I'm new to this site, but I though this was a workshop? Help a brother out.
  2. jgmacg

    jgmacg Guest


    Many read but few comment - sort of the normal course of affairs around here. And the usual panel of editorial horse-whisperers has been tied up on deadline this last week or two. At least one of us was in Havana, smuggling Interferon to Castro.

    But better late than never, and thanks for posting. A couple of thoughts.

    Coming out of the quiz, you need to tell the story. Tell it right there in a paragraph. Coach A pitches to player B for reason C. Team names, coaches, dates, places - but tightly done. Thereafter, unspool the details. Then let the editorializing begin. As it is now, you're making a moral judgment on something the reader doesn't yet fully understand, so the piece seems diffuse and uncentered.

    Rhetorical quizzes as ledes are tough to pull off, because they're ubiquitous. So choose wisely and write sharply when hauling them out of the trick bag.

    As became plain when this story moved farther into the public sphere, some people don't think this coach did anything wrong. Whether you agree or disagree with them, a good columnist always understands the counterarguments that are going to be made to his/her own. In this case: why not pitch to the kid?

    So, whenever you're writing an opinion piece, take 15 minutes to consider the flip side to your own argument. Then you can neutralize it.

    Also, 'mantel' not 'mantle.'

    Again, thanks for posting, and sorry we didn't get to you sooner and better.
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