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Can the Heat come back from this 0-2 deficit?

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Almost_Famous, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Almost_Famous

    Almost_Famous Active Member

    Getting their asses handed to them with 90 seconds left in the third, down 78-54.

    Winning 3 at home will be difficult ... this team needs to feed Shaq EARLY and often. What the hell happened to that plan?
  2. boots

    boots New Member

    two words
    Hell Yes.
    They are going to win the next three at home. The fix is in or didn't anyone tell you?
  3. HoopsMcCann

    HoopsMcCann Active Member

  4. Almost_Famous

    Almost_Famous Active Member

    well it's down to 16 with 8 mins left ... but let's be honest ... dallas ain't choking this away.

    not nearly enough Shaq.
  5. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

  6. Almost_Famous

    Almost_Famous Active Member

    It's the 4th quarter, and Shaq has 5 shots. One of the top 5 centers in NBA history, and he's going against Erica Dampier, and the diesel has attempted 5 shots.
  7. spnited

    spnited Active Member

    Hmmmm, let's, the Mavs won two games at home. Wow, what a shock!

    As Papa Riles will be sure to repeat ad nauseum tonight ... the series doesn't begin until the home team loses.

    Of course, watching Riley and his bad dye job lose is never a bad thing.
  8. Cosmo

    Cosmo Well-Known Member

    I think so.
  9. Chuck~Taylor

    Chuck~Taylor Active Member

    Sht dae hel ep kosmo. Drk NAwitki iz a beist. [/COCKDIAN]
  10. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    Cosmo got jiggy with a brand-new board function: the long-lost thread bump.
  11. 2muchcoffeeman

    2muchcoffeeman Well-Known Member

    Not so much.

    There once was a man named Wade
    Who surprised A_F with the way he played
    Came back from 0-2
    To win the title, woo hoo!
    And with that, his reputation was made
  12. BigDog

    BigDog Active Member


    I think they won.
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