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Bush uses "the Google"

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by PeteyPirate, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    Personally I like The Yahoo.
  2. Johnny Dangerously

    Johnny Dangerously Well-Known Member

    But are you afraid of the Mozilla?
  3. alleyallen

    alleyallen Guest

    JD, check out Snopes.com. They debunk that urban legend.
  4. Johnny Dangerously

    Johnny Dangerously Well-Known Member

    Oh, I know all about that. I think it's still a valid question. :p
  5. T2

    T2 Member

    Why do we assume that the people who live in the Executive Mansion should be familiar with everything that the rest of us use regularly? When was the last time the President had to find a parking space, or write a resume, or shop at a discount store, or pump gas, or tip a waiter, or search the Internet for information? Et cetera?
  6. Johnny Dangerously

    Johnny Dangerously Well-Known Member

    We all saw "The American President." We know his credit cards are in storage in Virginia, etc, or whatever the case may be. I don't think anyone is taken aback that our top leaders live in a different world.

    But, I don't think it's unfair for us to comment about the dynamic in which our leader and leaders are often out of touch with our everyday world, and yet they purport to help us manage it.

    It's not a most pressing issue, but it's a valid thing to ponder.
  7. cortez

    cortez Member

    He learned about The Google from Ted Stevens
  8. alleyallen

    alleyallen Guest

    Even if they don't use it, it's not unreasonable to expect the leader of the free world to have a bit more knowledge about things, or at least have staffers who can educate him. It's not like "The Internets" are going away soon.
  9. PeteyPirate

    PeteyPirate Guest

    In addition, "the Google" is one of the most profitable corporations on Wall Street. Some familiarity with it might be an expectation for an American president, especially one in bed with the corporate community.
  10. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    I wonder if Fredo's seen hisself on The YouTubes.
  11. My mother always talked about "the pneumonia."
    Absolutely no bearing on the discussion here, I grant you.
  12. PeteyPirate

    PeteyPirate Guest

    The Google is a lot better than The Clap.
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