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Boxing writers/aficianados?

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by YGBFKM, Aug 31, 2009.


    YGBFKM Guest

    I'm looking into doing a profile on a local retired boxer, and I've found some general info online, but I'm looking for some other boxing sources, human or otherwise. The guy wasn't a big name, but he fought a handful of the name heavyweights in the late '80s and early '90s, including George Foreman during one of his comebacks. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Huggy

    Huggy Well-Known Member

    You've probably seen this but www.boxrec.com is indispensable.
  3. ringer

    ringer Member

    I'd try calling some guys at The Ring magazine. It's a great archival source and they can probably lead you to some experts.

    Try: 215-461-0583 (Pennsylvania)

    YGBFKM Guest

    I will try that. Thanks.
  5. Drip

    Drip Active Member

    Who is the guy?

    YGBFKM Guest

    I'm bumping this because someone on here pm'd me with the name of Lee Groves, who tunred out to be quite helpful and quite the nice guy. I'm horrible at pruning my PMs, so as I search for the poster in question, I'm hoping he/she will notice this and I can give my proper thanks and appreciation.
  7. BYH

    BYH Active Member

    "Do you ever use a sledgehammer?"
  8. Smallpotatoes

    Smallpotatoes Well-Known Member

    Lee is a good friend of mine. He knows his stuff.
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