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BLOGS! (Part 37)

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Point of Order, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. Point of Order

    Point of Order Active Member

    From the Columbia Journalism Review:
    At the time -- mid-January -- TPM's reporters were surveying media around the country and following up links to local papers sent in by readers, "so it was kind of a mix of what you might call blog reporting and traditional reporting," or what might be termed a kind of "wisdom of crowds" method of reporting, combined with some good old-fashioned banging of the phones.

    Kiel also credits McClatchy and the Las Vegas Review Journal with doing some good early reporting on the burgeoning story concerning how the Bush administration had forced some attorneys out and replaced them with party loyalists.

    This mixing of tips from readers, hitting the phones, and ferreting out tidbits in local papers was exactly what Marshall had in mind when he launched TPM as an investigative reporting blog last year. "What I wanted to do is create a blog where bloggers could do original reporting full-time, and pay them salaries," he says. "Most bloggers aren't full-time journalists, and it's a commitment of time that is nearly impossible unless you have the financial resources to pay people a living."

    That said, Marshall seems to be blazing a unique middle ground between "citizen journalism" and true investigative reporting, while not buying in to some of the more robust claims by some in the blogosphere (particularly on the right) that this "new journalism" is crushing traditional news-gathering operations. In fact, if it weren't for reporters at smaller newspapers around the country raising alarms in the first place, the story would likely have died a quiet death.

    There's more...

  2. Josh has done great work, starting with the SS scam-o-rama and now with the US attorney's scandal. He also was to go-to guy on Duke Cunningham for a long while.
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