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Best Spice Girl

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Songbird, May 11, 2020.

  1. Chef2

    Chef2 Well-Known Member

    Hasn't one of them been banging Beckham for a number of years now?
  2. swingline

    swingline Well-Known Member

    Victoria something — Posh — has been with Bend It Like for years with several kids.
    Wenders likes this.
  3. Wenders

    Wenders Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Posh Spice - Victoria, has been married to Beckham for 20 years.
  4. garrow

    garrow Well-Known Member

    I visited Australia when the Spice Girls were at their peak of fame. I was walking around a section of Sydney called Darlinghurst which has a lot of small clubs and bars. I saw a sign promoting a show which I thought said the Spice Girls were going to be there the next night.

    I thought, that's odd they would be playing a small club. When I got closer to the sign, it was actually for a group called the Spite Girls and they were a drag act.
    OscarMadison likes this.
  5. swingline

    swingline Well-Known Member

    Well, did you go to the show?
  6. TigerVols

    TigerVols Well-Known Member

  7. Twirling Time

    Twirling Time Well-Known Member

    I took a small group of students to a showing of the Spice Girls movie back in the day when we were on a Beta Club field trip. I snuck out and smoked a cigarette or two. Didn't miss much.
  8. garrow

    garrow Well-Known Member

    Sold out, mate.
  9. OscarMadison

    OscarMadison Well-Known Member

    That sounds like fun.

    Team Scary Spice here. I didn't think too much about her being problematic at the time.
  10. swingline

    swingline Well-Known Member

    Damn. That sounds like it would be a hoot.
    garrow likes this.
  11. garrow

    garrow Well-Known Member

    Owl Spice
    swingline likes this.
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