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Best Solution for Our Writers

Discussion in 'Online Journalism' started by PhillySportsPulse, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. PhillySportsPulse

    PhillySportsPulse New Member

    I currently run a sports website, phillysportspulse.com. It is my goal to promote our writers as best as we can. The current site set up uses vbulletin software for the whole site but I dont think I'm getting as much traffic as I would with say a wordpress type site. If you could please give me any ideas of how I should reconfigure the site (if needed) and how I can increase our traffic for the Philadelphia area. Our webmaster just left and I would like to make the changes now since it will be focusing on the writing instead of a forum.
  2. sportsnut

    sportsnut Member

    I love word press for most websites and it should work for your site as well. But, also check out Content Management Systems like typepad and joomla. All off those can be costume built to fit your site and the goal you have with the site. It may cost you a few hundred to do it but it will be worth it in the end. Now, in regards to promoting your content and your staff use social networks like facebook, twitter, digg etc. Also, if you have not done so, I recommend you create a facebook page and a twitter account for the site.

    I hope this helps you in some way.
  3. prhodes

    prhodes New Member

    Your site appears to be a blog plus a forum. You can go with either Wordpress or Blogger, although with blogger you have to do a little work to get a forum working. From what I can see, you'd be better off with Wordpress. Just like anything else, it'll take some time to figure it all out. I'd suggest creating a duplicate of your site in Wordpress to some unknown URL, so that you keep your current site running as is. Then, once you feel it's ready, point that unknown url to your current site (just in case you need to go back to it) and point your published domain to the wordpress site.

    If you aren't a 'techie', it might be hard to do on your own, so perhaps enlist some help there in Philly to help out. You mentioned you had a webmaster, so I'd go there first.

    I think you'll find that with the many plug-ins that Wordpress (and Blogger) have, you can do much more with your site.
  4. Bigbear623

    Bigbear623 New Member

    Is this the year that John Calapari finally wins a National Championship? The Wildcats are playing better than ever at this point in the season and Anthony Davis is a huge key to their success. Kentucky demolished Baylor on Sunday leading by atleast twenty points most of the game. The only way too beat Kentucky in my opinion, is to have a big man down low that can match up with Davis. Things are looking good for the Wildcats and there just two games away from acheiving a life long dream.
  5. Bigbear623

    Bigbear623 New Member

    This should be more like bleachers report and the website needs alot of changes. Not a just blog site and add some color to the website.
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