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Being a reporter and teacher?

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by valpo87, May 28, 2014.

  1. valpo87

    valpo87 Guest

    When I was in college, many of my journalism professors were full-time reporters in the local community. I thought about doing the same and just recently applied to a university near my paper (minimum requirement was having a Bachelor's Degree, not a Master's Degree).

    Anyone have advice as I enter this interview next week? Does anyone on this board juggle both?
  2. DeskMonkey1

    DeskMonkey1 Active Member

    I had a co-worker who did it once. He seemed to manage it OK and it seems he only had to only miss one class - if that - to cover a breaking news story. The downside for him was it was at 8 a.m. and more than once he was in the office the night before working on something and normally, he only worked nights if he was covering an NFL or major BCS game (and for the latter, he usually did an afternoon game).
  3. 93Devil

    93Devil Well-Known Member

    Convince them that you can teach journalism and not just that you know journalism.
  4. Flip Wilson

    Flip Wilson Well-Known Member

    In our department, we have one newspaper reporter, one assistant city editor, a local TV news director and a local TV anchor all teaching one or two classes for us. The reporter and anchor teach early morning classes, the ACE teaches an evening class and the news director has an afternoon class twice a week. They are very, very helpful to our department.

    As for the interview, just say what you want the students to learn and how you plan on getting those concepts across.

    Good luck.
  5. valpo87

    valpo87 Guest

    Thank you all. I think I have an advantage being at a weekly newspaper so breaking stories are sort of rare.
  6. Can you design a syllabus? Can you fit in hours of work into prepping for your first semester? How will you deal with students at a community college where class is not the highest of priorities compared to work and family issues?
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