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Behind-the-scenes with NFL refs

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Flip Wilson, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Flip Wilson

    Flip Wilson Well-Known Member

    I know Peter King doesn't get much love on here, but I really liked this. He spent time with some NFL referees and writes about what they do to prepare for games and how they spend their time in their lives away from football. I love behind-the-scenes stuff like this.

  2. MileHigh

    MileHigh Moderator Staff Member

    Re: Behind-the-scenes with NLF refs

    It's been a great read and shines a much-needed light on how much work goes into the job. They just don't show up every Sunday and start the game. It's a lot of work -- and it's difficult.

    And some of the stuff King didn't know was pretty laughable, like the get-back coach. That stuff is common at the high school level.
  3. Re: Behind-the-scenes with NLF refs

  4. Flip Wilson

    Flip Wilson Well-Known Member

    NFL. NLF. Either way. : )

    Thanks...I fixed it.
  5. I thought it was about being behind the scenes for National Lingerie Football, which I would definitely want to read about.
  6. NancyLou

    NancyLou Member

    I really enjoyed this article and the photos were stunning. I guess I always knew there was more going on in the background with the officials, I was just never aware this much went into it.
  7. MileHigh

    MileHigh Moderator Staff Member

    Which makes the series all the more important. It shines a light on the job these guys do. And it's not just at the NFL level, but colleges and high schools, though it gets less as you go down. But having done a lot of high school football, yes, there is a lot of detail and time that goes into it.
  8. steveu

    steveu Well-Known Member

    One of the officials quoted in the story is from the Grand Rapids area. Very familiar with him and his family, and it's good to see they examined how he's been able to go on following the death of his wife a couple years back.
  9. nmmetsfan

    nmmetsfan Active Member

    I thought it was a great series. Really enjoyed reading it. Like how it was structured. I knew these guys were good, but their accuracy level with the speed of the game is astounding. 98 percent? Wow.
  10. britwrit

    britwrit Well-Known Member

    Those vets from the Vietcong work just as hard.
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