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Beckham to MLS?!

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by nafselon, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. nafselon

    nafselon Well-Known Member


    I know there's a soccer thread but I think this needed some separation.

    Obviously it's a big deal for the L.A. community and the gossip rags, etc. But is this going to be anything more than a "guy past his prime comes to American soccer league in hopes that crowds come come see him" thing?

    How can this benefit the MLS in the long term? It obviously wil have some short term benefits. And what if Becks has a great season? Was it a former star having a revival or a former star taking advantage of a league with underdeveloped talent?
  2. wickedwritah

    wickedwritah Guest

    Just saw this mentioned on CNBC. Probably the only market this works in is L.A., though -- OK, maybe NYC.
  3. Kable

    Kable Member

    Too bad most of the U.S. will still not watch the MLS. I mean, the buzz will come, but I don't think it'll last. But hey, I'm always wrong.
  4. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    This would be no Pele signing. I think Becks has a couple good years of footy left in him. But he's a one-trick pony. Other than on set pieces, he'll just be in the way.

    I do think, though, that it would be a marketing gold mine for MLS, which would be just what the doctor ordered. I don't know if it'll translate into that much of a greater turnstile count: Most of the new soccer-specific stadia are on the order of 20K. Where MLS would cash in would be in kit sales and pure name recognition, which would be worldwide.
  5. Webster

    Webster Well-Known Member

    Well, at least the first player signed under the Beckham Rule is a pretty big deal. And, you know, Beckham.
  6. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    Damn, we didn't see that coming, did we? Just like Lou Gehrig didn't see that disease coming. ;D
  7. Pastor

    Pastor Active Member

    So, yesterday I posted that he wasn't coming only to wake up in the morning to see that he's signed. Wow. I was way off base!

    As to what this means:
    1) Beckham views his personal value and brand recognition will be helped more by a move to the US over a move back to England.

    2) MLS will receive more exposure in England as well as other nations.

    3) Should Beckham's experience be a positive one, it could create a small stir where players come just before their expiration date has hit in foreign leagues.

    This is definitely interesting. I would really like to see the make-up of that team next year.
  8. Webster

    Webster Well-Known Member

    I know that the $250 million number discussed in this article can't be true. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16453485/
  9. andyouare?

    andyouare? Guest

    Oh, and another thing. Beckham, after 3-4 years in Spain can speak some Spanish. I don't know offhand how fluent he is.

    Anyway, this will be a HUGE asset in the LA-Southern California market. A couple of commercials with him speaking directly to the Spanish-language fans, some interviews on Telemundo, and he will be the darling of the LA hispanic community. This is a PR/Marketing department's dream.

    How fast before Beckham's jersey is the fastest selling jersey in MLS history? (Insert joke about how that's not saying very much here.)
  10. Posh Spice is in for a rude awakening if she thinks she'll be stalked in the US the way she is here (then again, maybe she is looking forward to blending in a bit)
  11. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    Don't worry, L.A. is lousy with Brit paparazzi. I just wish we had Page 3 Girls here.
  12. Deeper_Background

    Deeper_Background Active Member

    Beckham to Leave Real Madrid, Join Los Angeles Galaxy (Update1)

    By Alex Duff and Sam Sheringham

    Jan. 11 (Bloomberg) -- David Beckham, who last year lost his position as soccer's highest-paid player, said he's leaving Real Madrid for the Los Angeles Galaxy after failing to win a title in 3 1/2 seasons with the Spanish club.

    The 31-year-old former England captain will sign a five-year contract worth as much as $250 million, according to Sky Sports. He'll join the Major League Soccer team in August, Beckham said in a statement today.

    Beckham, acquired from Manchester United partly to help increase Madrid's merchandise sales, will play out the end of his career in the U.S. Since he and his England team exited in the quarterfinals of last year's World Cup, Beckham lost his place in the national team and has failed to secure a regular first-team berth at Madrid following Fabio Capello's appointment as coach.

    ``I am proud to have played for two of the biggest clubs in football,'' Beckham said. ``I look forward to the new challenge of growing the world's most popular game in a country that is as passionate about its sport as my own.''

    Beckham's future has been under debate for the past six months. Contract talks between the club and the midfielder frequently stalled amid speculation of interest from other teams. Three days ago, Real sports director Predrag Mijatovic said Beckham couldn't delay his decision any more.

    Beckham, the highest-profile signing by a U.S. team since Pele joined the New York Cosmos in 1975, already has connections in California. He has a soccer school in Los Angeles and counts Hollywood actor Tom Cruise as a friend.


    Beckham joined Real Madrid a year after the club won a record-extending ninth European Cup. He was the latest global star in a squad featuring fellow so-called ``Galacticos'' Luis Figo of Portugal, Zinedine Zidane of France and Brazil's Ronaldo.

    Beckham's film-star looks and marriage to former Spice Girl singer Victoria Adams helped win him endorsement deals with the likes of PepsiCo Inc., Gillette Co. and Adidas AG. His public profile enabled Real to overtake his former club United last year as the richest team by revenue.

    Within days of joining Madrid, Beckham was mobbed by fans at Tokyo airport on his way to a pre-season tour of Japan. Sales of jerseys and other merchandise rose 67 percent in his first season.

    Commercial success hasn't been replicated on the field.

    Since Beckham's arrival, Madrid hasn't won a trophy, posting its worst run in 53 years as it watched archrival Barcelona win the last two La Liga titles and the 2006 European Champions League. In an era of upheaval for the club, Beckham has played under five different coaches and witnessed the departures of Figo and Zidane.


    With Beckham deployed mostly as a substitute this season, Real lies third in the Spanish league, five points behind leader Sevilla, after losing its last two games.

    Off the field, Barcelona's Ronaldinho has taken over Beckham's tag as the sport's most marketable asset. According to Sports Illustrated magazine, the Brazilian midfielder earns $29.1 million a year, compared with Beckham's $23 million.

    Madrid is planning to sell players during this month's so- called transfer window after acquiring three players, including midfielder Fernando Gago, Mijatovic said. In October, Beckham said he wasn't ``going anywhere'' in the new year and planned to fight to regain his team berth.

    Beckham built his reputation at United on an ability to pass, cross and bend in free-kicks with his right foot. He helped establish Alex Ferguson's team as the dominant force in English soccer, winning 10 trophies including the 1999 Champions League and scoring 86 goals in 387 matches.

    England Zenith

    He was named England captain by Peter Taylor in 2000, and the zenith of his international career came with a last-minute free kick in a qualifying match against Greece to send England to the 2002 World Cup.

    Leading England at soccer's biggest tournament for the second time in Germany last year, Beckham struggled to make an impact as the team limped out on a penalty shootout against Portugal. He quit as skipper after the event and lost his place in the national team after 94 appearances when new manager Steve McClaren took over in August.

    Beckham said he would now focus on completing his time at Real Madrid.

    ``For the rest of this season I will continue to give 100 percent to my coach, team mates and fans as I believe Fabio Capello will bring this club and its supporters the success they truly deserve,'' he said.

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