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Basketball Game Preview Ideas...

Discussion in 'Writers' Workshop' started by HHDougB, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. HHDougB

    HHDougB New Member

    I write for a Virginia Tech website, HokieHaven.com (part of Rivals.com). I put out a basketball game preview before each game and was looking to change it up. I'll be running about 4-5 articles a week, with two being quite laborious pieces, so I'm definitely looking to decrease the writing time without hurting the content.

    In past years, I have done it based along this basic template.

    Basketball Game Preview: Virginia Tech vs. (Insert School)

    Introduction with lead to "read on for subscriber content"

    The Starting Five

    Virginia Tech:

    (Insert School):

    The Bench Players

    Virginia Tech:

    (Insert School)

    Key Stats

    FG %

    3 pt %

    FT %

    Just looking for some ideas.

  2. HHDougB

    HHDougB New Member


    Just looking for a fresh idea to to basketball game previews...

  3. flexmaster33

    flexmaster33 Active Member

    You could include results from the last five games for each school or a list of "Quality" wins (2-4 of their best victories)...quotes from the coach or players would be nice at least for the bigger matchups or league preview type thing.
  4. Greg Pickel

    Greg Pickel Member

    Quotes are always nice, in my opinion. I would also try and add more on the opposing team. Chances are your readers know plenty about Va. Tech, but maybe not as much about the opponent. Maybe pick a player or two you could think could make a solid impact, and write a few lines about them.
  5. kuballer2369

    kuballer2369 New Member

    Maybe if you have contact with the Va Tech coach you could get a game preview from his perspective
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