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Baseball WC Race prediction/discussion thread

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by SkiptomyLou, Sep 25, 2011.

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  1. SkiptomyLou

    SkiptomyLou Member

    How do you guys see them playing out with (after today) 3 games left on the season?

    If the Yankees hold on, the Red Sox and Rays are tied atop the AL WC race. The Rays have 3 left with the Yanks while the Red Sox play 3 against the O's.

    My take: I just can't see the Rays surpassing the Sox. Not with the schedule the way it is. Not unless the Yankees decide they don't want to win, and Yankee pride and arrogance won't let them do it. Red Sox win the WC by 2 games.

    Braves lead the Cards by 1 game. Braves play the Phils at home while the Cards travel to Houston. These are the pitching matchups and my take on them followed my predictions.

    Cards vs Astros
    Jaime Garcia (13-7, 3.45) vs Wandy Rodriguez (11-11, 3.51)

    Jaime has pitched well lately and Wandy never seems to get the better end vs the Cards. Advantage: ST LOUIS

    Jake Westbrook (12-9, 4.48) vs Henry Sosa (3-5, 4.68)

    Sosa has been horrible lately. That's because he's a horrible pitcher. Westbrook is also horrible but has been less so recently. Advantage: ST LOUIS

    Carpenter vs. Myers
    I don't even have to put numbers here. The Stros have no shot. Advantage: ST LOUIS

    Braves vs Phils

    Lee vs. Delgado

    Lee has been unhittable lately, while Delgado is a rookie. ADVANTAGE: PHILLY

    Oswalt vs. Lowe

    Is this a joke??? Philly

    Hudson vs Hamels

    Hudson has been horrible until his last start. Advantage Philly

    St Louis takes it by 2 games
  2. Moderator1

    Moderator1 Moderator Staff Member

    Take it to the baseball thread and have a nice choke day.
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