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Baseball HOF: Who makes it in addition to Ripken and Gwynn?

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by BYH, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. casty33

    casty33 Active Member

    Sorry for avoiding this but spnited is right about one thing. I'm sure by posting, someone out there will call me pompous for bragging about having a vote. I don't brag, there's nothing to brag about. But I do have a vote and it went to Ripken, Gwynn and Gossage, who I have supported for as many years as he has been on the ballot. I was very close on Rice but didn't check the box, primarily since I haven't done so for the last dozen years. Sorry.
  2. Flying Headbutt

    Flying Headbutt Moderator Staff Member

    For crying out loud, casty! Umm, I guess someone had to say it, right?

    That's the three I'd have voted for, too. I think Gossage should have been in a long time ago. But I think only Cal and Gwynn get in this year. Then it'll be a celebration about two guys who played for 20 years in the same city, remind baseball fans of all the purity and what was and suh, and pretty much turn Cooperstown into a sugary sweet little Catskill town of maple syrup wholesome goodness. Someone pass the Life cereal and the Ovaltine. And then buy the world a coke so we can all wash it down.
  3. GB-Hack

    GB-Hack Active Member

    Always interesting to hear what a voter has to say. Thanks a lot for posting.
  4. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

    casty --

    Time for my yearly plea to induct Bert Blyleven.

    In the interest of brevity, I will plagiarize the simple case made by Rich Lederer at baseballanalysts.com:

    Since 1900, Bert Blyleven ranks 5th in career strikeouts, 8th in shutouts, and 17th in wins.

    That's it. He should be in.
  5. Freelance Hack

    Freelance Hack Active Member

    If Gossage gets in, will he celebrate by eating McDonalds?
  6. kingcreole

    kingcreole Active Member

    He didn't play in New Yawk/Bawston. Thus, he's no HOF'er.

    There should be absolutely no argument on Blyleven. None. He's a HOF'er. end of story.
  7. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

    The other players in the top 20 in those categories, BTW:

    Steve Carlton 6th 4th 13th
    Ferguson Jenkins 19th 11th 17th
    Walter Johnson 1st 9th 1st
    Gaylord Perry 12th 8th 14th
    Nolan Ryan 8th 1st 6th
    Tom Seaver 13th 6th 6th
    Don Sutton 8th 7th 9th

    I don't have to tell you what they all have in common...
  8. They all smoked a lot of dope?
  9. Flying Headbutt

    Flying Headbutt Moderator Staff Member

    They all had bad haircuts?
  10. D-3 Fan

    D-3 Fan Well-Known Member

    casty, it's quite alright and you had every reason to avoid commenting on this thread. I think it's insightful to read what an actual voter thinks about before making his/her HOF selection.

    That's being honest, if you ask me. Thank you!
  11. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

    Fenian --

    The Big Train knew his way around a steamroller, if you know what I'm sayin...
  12. patchs

    patchs Active Member

    Here it is..
    2007 BBWAA Hall of Fame Voting Results

    % of Votes
    Cal Ripken Jr. 537 98.5
    Tony Gwynn 532 97.6
    Rich Gossage 388 71.2
    Jim Rice 346 63.5
    Andre Dawson 309 56.7
    Bert Blyleven 260 47.7
    Lee Smith 217 39.8
    Jack Morris 202 37.1
    Mark McGwire 128 23.5
    Tommy John 125 22.9
    *Steve Garvey 115 21.1
    Dave Concepcion 74 13.6
    Alan Trammell 73 13.4
    Dave Parker 62 11.4
    Don Mattingly 54 9.9
    Dale Murphy 50 9.2
    Harold Baines 29 5.3
    Orel Hershiser 24 4.4
    Albert Belle 19 3.5
    Paul O'Neill 12 2.2
    Bret Saberhagen 7 1.3
    Jose Canseco 6 1.1
    Tony Fernandez 4 0.7
    Dante Bichette 3 0.6
    Eric Davis 3 0.6
    Bobby Bonilla 2 0.4
    Ken Caminiti 2 0.4
    Jay Buhner 1 0.2
    Scott Brosius 0 0.0
    Wally Joyner 0 0.0
    Devon White 0 0.0
    Bobby Witt 0 0.0
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