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Back up all the important files on your computer....NOW!!!

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by dreunc1542, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. dreunc1542

    dreunc1542 Active Member

    Or else you'll end up like me. I had my computer stolen from my flat 2 nights ago. I don't really want to get into all the details of the theft since re-living all the ridiculous facts will only work to infuriate me more. Plus there's an ongoing investigation into it by the police. Although, if anyone here ever wanted to be a detective, you can PM me for details and I'll give you the numerous facts which have left my head spinning for the last day and a half. It's such a weird crime that I'm not as angry as I am curious at this point as to the hows, whys and who(s) of it.

    That's not why I wanted to post this, though. I don't really care about the computer itself as much as I do about the files that I lost. Specifically, the thousands of pictures which I'll never get back. It's especially rough since this semester I've been studying abroad in London and have been to 8 different major European cities in 7 different countries in last 3 months. A good portion of the pictures I took from that time are completely gone. Thankfully, I posted albums from each trip on facebook meaning that I do have about 450 of the about 1000 pictures. Besides the pictures I also lost every paper and drafts of every story that I have written over the past 2 years. There was also 4 days worth of music, but I can start to rebuild that when I get a new computer.

    The thing that really hurts is that I planned on backing up all my files when I returned to the states and now, unless by there's an act of god, I lost everything on my computer. Not too mention that much of my personal information was easily accessible because I stupidly saved passwords on Firefox that I should not have. That caused me to cancel my debit and credit cards and means I am broke until a new debit card arrives. Hopefully that will happen before I have to pay rent in a week and a half.

    Please use my tale so that this situation does not happen to anyone else on this board. If that good could come out of my shitty situation then I'd at least have some solace.
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