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B2B Marketing Writers Needed

Discussion in 'Freelance/stringer help wanted' started by AJSmartschan, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. AJSmartschan

    AJSmartschan New Member

    Altitude Marketing, a B2B agency located just outside Philadelphia, is looking for curious, deadline-driven freelance writers to produce blog posts, white papers, guides, case studies, web copy and more for our global roster of clients.

    This remote position will require client-facing interviews and, in some cases, client meetings, either in person or via conference call.

    You’ll be required to exhibit a high degree of flexibility, stay on task and work within tight timelines. You’ll thrive in an environment where the best-laid plans may change at a moment’s notice, have a sense of urgency, be driven by facts and exhibit impeccable follow-through skills. Most importantly, you’ll continually be thinking practically how best to deliver content that meets the needs of Altitude’s B2B clients.

    Why I'm posting this here:

    No, it's not a sports gig. Or a journalism gig. But I'm a former sportswriter and editor who landed at the agency six years ago, and the skills translate really well. The ability to extract and interpret information then write compelling copy is worth its weight in gold.

    I will caution that our clientbase is pretty technical, and we're typically writing for well-informed readers. In particular, we're looking for some background in or familiarity with topics like:
    • Life sciences/pharma
    • Enterprise content management
    • AI/machine learning
    • Big Data
    • Finance/FinTech
    • MarTech
    • SaaS/PaaS
    • CRM/ERP
    • Manufacturing
    • Economic development
    We occasionally have more universal B2C-style needs, as well, but the vast majority of our work is in areas like the above. Acronyms, ahoy!

    Here's the posting: Freelance Writers | Altitude Marketing

    If you have any questions or just want to chat about the journalism-to-marketing transition, I'm happy to lend a hand: adam (at) altitudemarketing.com.
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