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Auto racing for CBS SportsLine.com

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Craig_Stanke, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Craig_Stanke

    Craig_Stanke New Member

    I hope the powers that be will allow this to stay on the jobs part of the board rather than the stringer area, since this is a regular gig, but not full time.

    CBS SportsLine.com, the website for CBS Sports and part of CBS Interactive and CBS Corp., is looking for a NASCAR writer who travels regularly on the circuit to file a couple of columns a week for its auto racing arena.

    The qualifications kind of speak for themselves. This would be an experience beat writer whose company -- and time -- would allow him or her to give us a couple of extra feature columns a week on a schedule to be determined.

    This is a freelance, per-piece position, not involving actual employment with CBS.

    Those interested should e-mail maswanson@cbs.com. We're looking to get this person onboard as soon as possible.
  2. Moderator1

    Moderator1 Moderator Staff Member

    It can stay here and I can give you some ideas if you want.
  3. BMuddMan

    BMuddMan Member

    Anyone know the status of this gig? Also other online spots in the NASCAR world are in flux I hear, curious if there is any movement. Thanks.
  4. sgaleadfoot

    sgaleadfoot Member

    most nascar jobs are filled up by now for the upcoming year. The preseason media tour was last week, so the season has unofficially begun and most outlets, if not all, are set for the 2007 season.
  5. BMuddMan

    BMuddMan Member

    Well I see Lee Spencer left TSN for FoxSports, wonder if TSN is replacing her. And I'd imagine Sportsline will add someone since they ran an ad for a new racing writer a couple weeks back.
  6. sgaleadfoot

    sgaleadfoot Member

    that's about the only one I've heard about. Other than that, I have not really heard much chatter on any openings though, but I'm not as connected to it as some other folks are.
  7. Craig_Stanke

    Craig_Stanke New Member

    All: We have satisfied our stringer needs regarding auto racing for the 2007 season. We appreciate the response from all those who expressed interest.
  8. SCEditor

    SCEditor Active Member

    Wow, somebody who posts a job and then comes back to let everybody know when it's filled. Want to write a memo for the rest out there Craig?
  9. Craig_Stanke

    Craig_Stanke New Member

    Well, I can't really speak for anybody else. We got ourselves set up, but my boss was still getting resumes, so he asked me to either remove the thread or post that we'd filled the part-time job, so I chose this route.
  10. BMuddMan

    BMuddMan Member

    Looks like it's Pete Pistone of RacingOne.com and WGN Radio in Chicago. Good choice and thanks for the update.
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