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At the movies (with a baby)

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by YGBFKM, Feb 18, 2012.


    YGBFKM Guest

    We have friends who swear they've never had a problem taking their baby to the movies. We've been wary of attempting such a thing, as our 6-month-old is somewhat restless. At least at home. He's normally much calmer out and about.

    Anyway, does anyone have any related advice or stories?

    We don't want to be the people who bring a loud baby to the theater, but we also think our boy might enjoy the experience now that he's really starting to notice the world around him, especially the bright, noisy parts of the world.

    Obviously, if he starts to stir much, we'd leave. Just trying to gauge from the parents around here if history shows it's doable.
  2. RickStain

    RickStain Well-Known Member

    At 6 months? He'll sleep through 2/3rds of it, I'm guessing. I doubt it'll be a problem, but I'm not sure he'd be all that impressed either.
  3. JC

    JC Well-Known Member

    The problem isn't the people who bring a loud baby to the the theatre, it's the people who bring a loud baby and stay in the theatre when it becomes loud. Give it a shot and if he can't handle it just get up and go. Chances are he'll sleep right through it.
  4. Point of Order

    Point of Order Active Member

    I'm sure he'll be fine.

    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 15, 2014

    YGBFKM Guest

    Our son is not a day sleeper.

    And if I could find a theater with Bill Maher in it, I'd adopt six of the noisiest children I could find to ruin his day.
  6. Dick Whitman

    Dick Whitman Well-Known Member

    My brother's worst moment on Facebook was when he questioned why a mother with a crying baby on a commuter train couldn't "get it to shut up."

    That went over well.
  7. Azrael

    Azrael Well-Known Member

    First thought is don't be that family. Upon further consideration though, I'd have to say it's contextual. Bring your baby to 'Lady and the Tramp' at 1pm on a Saturday? OK. 8pm Friday showing of 'Drive?' Nope.
  8. PCLoadLetter

    PCLoadLetter Well-Known Member

    Don't do it.

    A movie is two hours of being in a dark room with flashing lights and loud noises. It's a recipe to scare the living shit out of a 6 month old. Ours were a hell of a lot older before that was doable.

    Also, be wary of parents who have "never had a problem" with there kids in a situation like that. We went out to dinner last night, and the couple at a table near us clearly felt they weren't having a problem with their 2 year old at all, despite the fact that the kid was jumping up and down and shrieking the entire night.
  9. Dick Whitman

    Dick Whitman Well-Known Member

    Someone told me that a lot of little ones had the bejeebus frightened out of them by the opening scene of "Cars" because of all of the flashing and chaos of the race - followed by the big pile-up.
  10. Care Bear

    Care Bear Guest

    YGBITCH failed to mention that we are taking the little dude to see "The Cure for Insomnia."

  11. Dick Whitman

    Dick Whitman Well-Known Member

    We took ours to a college football game at around that age to get him (and my wife) out into the world a little. I remember my friend telling me that his wife was furious at us for it. She just thought it was completely irresponsible.
  12. YGBFKM

    YGBFKM Guest

    We're thinking of taking him to see Inception, and maybe he can explain to us what that the hell it's about.
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