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ASE at the Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by GeorgeMoore, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. GeorgeMoore

    GeorgeMoore Member

    OK, I'm in search mode again. Two candidates didn't pan out. One has a wife who doesn't want to move to Florida. The other doesn't want to be in management.

    So if you have a wife (who doesn't want to move), don't apply.

    Here are the requirements and basic job description:

    At least five years at a daily.
    Management experience a plus but not necessary.
    Writing experience a plus as well.
    Team player.

    The ASE will run the desk four nights a week with one day shift. There also will be opportunity to write if desired. The ASE also will be involved in planning, working with me to develop enterprise pieces, filling the daily budget with stories other than the usual features, game coverage and wire copy.

    If interested, e-mail gmoore@pnj.com for details. You can send resume, design clips and references via e-mail or snail mail to:
    George W. Moore III
    Sports Editor
    101 E. Romana St.
    Pensacola, FL 32502
  2. In the interest of full disclosure (yes, I realize the irony, given I'm hiding behind a made-up name on a message board), I am one of the candidates of which George speaks.

    Simply put, George was a great guy throughout the process, and I truly believe this is a good job that can lead to big things. Anyone with any questions about it, please feel free to ask. I'd encourage it via a PM, just in case there are some topics George wouldn't want broadcast to all of SportsJournalists.com.
  3. wannabeu

    wannabeu Member

    What does this mean for the writing position that is still open?
  4. Overrated

    Overrated Guest

    Probably that they've decided to go with you.
  5. \
    Is your wife allowing you to post on this board?
  6. When you have three kids and you live a half-hour away from where your wife spent her entire life prior to meeting you, you give her a big say in whether you are going to move halfway across the country for a new job.
  7. As you should. Don't let these guys berate you; family comes before work.
  8. GeorgeMoore

    GeorgeMoore Member

    The writing position is open, and I've cut the candidates from about 60 down to about 10. I'll be narrowing that to my top three in the next couple of days, and I'll notify those who have applied if they're in the running. I expect to hire for that position ASAP.

    As for SportsHack, he did what any father/husband -- except me -- would do. Maybe that's why I'm divorced with no kids. So I'm not faulting him one bit. He was open an honest the whole way.
  9. Riddick

    Riddick Active Member

    Hey George,
    Does running the desk mean the ASE lays out pages, or has a supervisory role regarding laying out the pages? just curious.
  10. GeorgeMoore

    GeorgeMoore Member

    Yes, the ASE will layout pages -- most likely the front a few days a week. I have one guy on desk who does it four or five nights right now, and I'd like him to do it three. That would leave three days for the ASE and one for me or another copy editor/designer.

    The ASE also will handle budgeting the section each night he/she works.
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