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As expected, Giants retain Coughlin

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by spnited, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. spnited

    spnited Active Member

    Coughlin to Return as Giants Coach

    Published: January 10, 2007
    Tom Coughlin will remain the coach of the Giants for at least one more season, the team announced today.
    Team president John Mara and treasurer Jonathan Tisch, whose families co-own the franchise, held a noon conference call with reporters to announce the decision.
    Mara said that he and Tisch held lengthy discussions with Coughlin on Monday afternoon and again on Tuesday about the state of the team and to ask about Coughlin’s plan for going forward. At the end of those talks, Mara said, they told Coughlin that they wanted him to remain as head coach. Coughlin, 60, who had one year remaining on his four-year contract, was also given a one year contract extension, Mara said.
    “What we wanted to hear from him is what exactly is his plan going forward,” Mara told reporters. “We wanted to hear those answers and we heard them.” Coughlin’s future was clouded in doubt after the team finished the season by losing seven of its final nine games, including a 23-20 loss to the rival Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday in the first round of the playoffs.
    The Giants reached the midpoint of the regular season with a 6-2 record and had a two-game lead in the National Football Conference East. But they lost four games in a row, and six of their next seven, before finishing with a victory over the Washington Redskins. That lifted their regular-season record to 8-8 and allowed them to slip into the playoffs.
    The late-season collapse forced the owners to consider firing Coughlin. Typically, a general manager would make such a decision, but Giants general manager Ernie Accorsi is retiring and vowed to stay out of the decision-making process.
    Mara said today that the team was not ready to name a new general manager. The Giants entered the 2006 season as the defending division champions and boldly stated their Super Bowl aspirations. After a clumsy 1-2 start, including a blowout loss to the Seattle Seahawks, after which tight end Jeremy Shockey said the team was “outplayed and outcoached,” the Giants won five games in a row.
    The start of the downfall coincided with a quick rash of serious injuries. The Giants played most of the second half of the season without defensive end Michael Strahan, linebacker LaVar Arrington, left tackle Luke Petitgout and receiver Amani Toomer. Several other starters, particularly on defense, missed multiple games.
    After being beaten handily by the Chicago Bears and the Jacksonville Jaguars to start the losing streak, the Giants blew a 21-0 fourth-quarter lead to the Tennessee Titans, losing 24-21. The Giants sandwiched close losses to the Dallas Cowboys and the Eagles around a road victory over the Carolina Panthers. They were blown out, at home, by the New Orleans Saints on Dec. 24 to fall to 7-8.
    Coughlin stripped offensive coordinator John Hufnagel of his responsibilities on Christmas Day, five days before the Giants finished the regular season. They beat the Redskins to grab the sixth and final spot in the playoffs.
    It was the first time since 1989 and 1990 that the Giants made the playoffs in consecutive seasons.
    The decision over Coughlin’s future was far more complicated than the team’s record. Third-year quarterback Eli Manning, the first overall choice of the 2004 N.F.L. draft, showed few signs of improvement in 2006 and appears to be idling amid the league’s average quarterbacks.
    “Obviously that was a major part of our discussions,” Mara said, “that Eli does need to play more consistently, and he’d be the first one to admit that. It’s something that I’ve been concerned about, his play over the second half of the season. There’s nobody in this building that doubts his ability and feels like he is not the guy to lead us to where we want to get to. But you’ve got to play more consistently.”
  2. Gold

    Gold Active Member

    This looks like a situation where the next General Manager will decide Coughlin's fate. I think the one-year extension just means that ownership doesn't want to send a signal that Mr. Personality is a lame duck.
  3. DyePack

    DyePack New Member

    Did AP move this as an urgent bulletin?
  4. finishthehat

    finishthehat Active Member

    Giants fanboy here, muttering various curses to himself.

    At least we'll get to enjoy further shots of his befuddled face on the sidelines whenever something goes wrong.
  5. GB-Hack

    GB-Hack Active Member

    Do you think they maybe look to get a running back in the first round to replace Tiki, or let Brandon Jacobs try to take over full-time next season?
  6. spnited

    spnited Active Member

    The idea all along was to find a reason to keep him for at least one more year. The one-year extension just means he's technically not a lame duck next season but it is definitely shit or get off the pot time for Coughlin.
    Another 8-8 and first-round playoff exit will not do it a year from now... especially when Cowher and possibly Belichick will be on the market.

    And, GB, they fully intend to make Jacobs the No. 1 back next season
  7. GB-Hack

    GB-Hack Active Member

    In a way, I think this is very smart by the Giants. There are some good candidates out there right now if you want to fire Coughlin, but you still have a good team that won't be terrible next year, even when he puts on his "Eli what did you do now" face.

    The opportunity to land a big fish in a year is a nice lure.
  8. The Big Ragu

    The Big Ragu Moderator Staff Member

    Spnited, are you sure about that? My understand is that Coughlin is not big on (pardon the pun) Jacobs. I believe that's why Jacobs barely saw the field after Coughlin took away the play-calling responsibilities from John Huffnagle, including goal-line situations in the playoff game.
  9. tommyp

    tommyp Member

    I'm glad they're giving Coughlin one more year, because if we see the same things next season, the Giants will be first in line for Cowher, who has two daughters at Princeton, or maybe Belichick, as stated before. Coughlin now knows he has to get the job done, or he will be gone.

    With a third-place schedule and the talent this team has (I think Jacobs can rush for 1000 yards, but they can still pick up a scat-back like Barber in the draft or via free agency, as they have a shitload of cap room), I would expect the Giants to make the playoffs again next year. If the same fate befalls them, Cowher/Belichick could take them to the promised land. To me, it's a win-win.

    I'd hedge my bet on Cowher, though, as Belichick/Pioli/Brady is a combination I don't see breaking up anytime in the near future.

    And Ragu, Coughlin trusted Tiki and used him those last two games as much as he could. As far as Jacobs goes, the braintrust loves him. And TC will be forced to use him.
  10. Pancamo

    Pancamo Active Member

    Don't be surprised to see Fred Taylor as the RB in NY next year.
  11. GB-Hack

    GB-Hack Active Member

    Yeah, fragile Fred is exactly what the Giants need.

    I know he had a good season this year, but I love the nickname.
  12. spnited

    spnited Active Member

    TommyP is right about Tiki/Jacobs. The front office still loves Jacobs and Coughlin will use him frequently and often next season.
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